Manage Marketplace Rewards in Partner Center & activate marketing, sales, and technical benefits

Appropriate roles: MPN partner admin | Global admin | Admin agent

If you publish software offers to our commercial marketplace, Marketplace Rewards provides targeted support for all your offers with marketing, sales, and technical benefits. For details on the program and benefits, see Marketplace Rewards (PPT).

Marketplace Rewards eligibility is calculated based on all publisher profiles linked to the PGA MPN company. To check your eligibility for the Marketplace Rewards program, go to the Partner Center Marketplace Rewards page.

Sales and marketing benefits

  1. From the Partner Center dashboard, select Sales and Marketing benefits tab on Marketplace Rewards page to see your list of benefits.

  2. To activate any sales and marketing benefit, you must first assign a company marketing contact. This contact will receive follow-up communications about your Marketplace Rewards.

  3. To add or update your marketing contact information, go to the top of the Sales and Marketing benefits tab on Marketplace Rewards page, then select Add, update, or change.

    Next, do the following:

    • Select a user from the list. If the user you want to assign is not in the list, you can add new users in Account settings.

    • Provide an email address for the user that's different from the email address associated with your company's Partner Center account. We will email instructions for using your Marketplace Rewards benefit to your designated marketing contact's email address.

    • Provide the contact phone and preferred language for this marketing contact. After you finish entering this information, select Assign user.

  4. After you’ve updated the marketing contact, select Activate for the benefit you want to start using. Once you activate a benefit, your marketing contact will be contacted by a member of the Rewards team within a week.

Technical benefits

  1. You can use your technical benefit to request technical assistance during the presales, design, deployment, and app development phases of your cloud and hybrid solutions. To request assistance, fill in the request form and then select Submit request.

  2. How to make use of Azure sponsorship benefits will be shared via an email as you unlock these benefits.

Why can't I see the Commercial Marketplace Rewards program on my dashboard?

The marketplace rewards information is available through the Azure AD tenant and MPN ID that was used to create your Partner Center account. This account is called the Partner Global Account (PGA) of your company. If your Azure AD tenant is different from the one used for MPN onboarding, in order for you to see the Commercial Rewards Marketplace menu, you will need to associate it with your company's PGA.

To associate an Azure AD tenant with the PGA of your company

  1. As either the global admin or account admin, sign into the PGA in Partner Center.

  2. Select Settings (on top-right), Account settings, Tenants.

  3. Select Associate another Azure AD tenant and select the Azure AD tenant you want to associate with the PGA.

  4. Add user name and password of any user in the Azure AD tenant you want to associate and select Submit.

  5. Sign out of Partner Center and then sign in using the user name and password for the tenant you just associated to the PGA.

  6. You will now be able to see the Commercial Rewards Marketplace program information in the left navigation menu.