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Appropriate roles: Global admin | MPN partner admin


This article describes the on-premises software benefits available to partners from within Partner Center. To see all the software products you’re entitled to as a part of your active enrollment offer, log in to Partner Center Benefits.

Manage software products and product keys

Select the software product of interest and find the specific instructions for each product, by clicking the dropdown symbol in line with the product name.

If a product requires a product key for installation, you will be prompted to enter a product key during the installation process. You can get from the same pane in Partner Center where you have chosen the version of software that you want to download.

Product activation is required for Windows Server and client operating systems and all Microsoft Office client applications. Not all products require product activation.

Software product benefits available to you on MPN.

How activations are counted

The number of activations counted against a product key is based on following scenarios

  • If the software is installed on a new machine, product activation count against the key is incremented by one.

  • If the software is installed on the same machine with no significant hardware changes, product activation is not counted against the product key.

  • If the software is installed on the same machine with significant hardware changes, product activation is counted against the product key.

Troubleshooting scenarios

  • “No further details available” message displayed for CALs(Windows Server Client Access License) benefits

    CALs are not a downloadable product and are not edition specific. The activation of CALs is managed on the Server product itself.

  • You receive a message that states that you have reached the maximum available activations for a product key when trying to activate software.

    You are provided with a specific number of activations per product through the MPN membership benefits. If you have met or exceeded the maximum number of activations, you will be unable to activate more licenses by using the provided product key.


License keys for Office Professional Plus 2019 obtained through Internal Use Rights (IUR) licenses on Partner Center will not work when installed on macOS.

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