Locate your Microsoft Partner Network benefits

Appropriate roles: MPN partner admin | Global admin

This article tells members of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) how to find their MPN benefits in the Partner Center dashboard. This information includes how to find your company's specific product support IDs, such as Contract ID and Access ID, associated with technical benefits.


If your Microsoft Partner Network membership is still in Partner Membership Center (PMC), you may need to contact another resource like Partner Frontline to help you view or activate certain benefits. For details, see Activate technical benefits outside of Partner Center.

Find your MPN benefits in Partner Center


To learn more about the workspaces interface, see Getting around Partner Center.

As a Microsoft Partner Network member, your company has access to many benefits that may assist in growing your business. To find out what those benefits are:

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center dashboard.

  2. Select the Benefits tile. There you can review, activate, sort, or download the benefits of interest belonging to one of the categories available to you. To do so, select the benefit area you want to learn more about:

  3. By expanding ( + ) a benefit, you will find additional information to help you activate the specific benefit.


    To activate benefits, you must be assigned the role of Global admin or MPN partner admin in Partner Center. All other users at a company, however, should be able to view benefits details in Partner Center, such as product support IDs. For more information on Partner Center roles, see Assign user roles and permissions in Partner Center.

Specific benefit offers

To find out which benefits are available with Microsoft Action Pack, Silver and/or Gold competencies, see the following resources:

To learn how you can use these benefits, refer to the Product Usage Guide.

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