How to import Excel spreadsheets into Microsoft Dynamics GP General Ledger

This article describes how to import a budget to Microsoft Dynamics GP or to Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains 8.0 by using Excel-Based Budgeting.

Applies to:   Microsoft Dynamics GP
Original KB number:   866372

When you import a budget to Microsoft Dynamics GP, the budget must be in the following format:

  • Column A must be the account.
  • Column B must be the description.
  • Column C must be the beginning balance.
  • Column D and the following columns must be your periods.
  • You must include the column headings in Row 3.

You do not have to have descriptions in the Description column. But you must have data in all the other columns. You do not have to have a Total column for Microsoft Excel to import correctly.


  • You must use the same account separator in Excel that is used in Microsoft Dynamics GP. If a different separator is used, you can import data, but the data will not appear.
  • Data is rounded to two decimal positions by cell. For example, if you have period 4 as 500.143 and period 5 as 500.143, the total of the two columns in Excel will be 1000.29. The total of the two columns in Microsoft Dynamics GP will be 1000.28.
  • Blank data or string characters are interpreted as 0 in Microsoft Dynamics GP. A number that is entered as a string in Excel will appear as that number in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • You can import a budget even if all the accounts are not created in Microsoft Dynamics GP. The import will be successful, and the existing accounts will be able to see their budget information.
    However, if you import to an account that does not exist and then add that account later, you will be unable to see the account's budgeted data.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP will pick up two decimal positions regardless of the format in Excel.