Manage information governance

Manage your content lifecycle using Microsoft 365 features to import, store, and classify business-critical data so you can keep what you need and delete what you don't.

Capability More information
Manage data Use the import service to quickly bulk-import PST files to Exchange Online mailboxes in your organization.
Configure unlimited archiving to provide users with additional mailbox storage space.
Use retention polices to streamline administration about how your organization retains, deletes, or retains and then deletes content.
Monitor data Verify data labels are correctly applied to content in your organization.
Use built-in label analytics to quickly see where labels are used most and where they are being applied.
Manage inactive mailboxes Your organization might need to retain former employees' email after they leave the organization. Depending on your organization's retention requirements, you might need to retain mailbox content for a few months or years after employment ends, or you might need to retain mailbox content indefinitely. Regardless of how long you need to retain email, you can create inactive mailboxes to retain the mailbox of former employees.
Records management Ensure core business records are properly declared and stored immutably with full audit visibility to meet regulatory obligations.