Manage your watchlist in Microsoft Stream

If want to save a video to watch later, don't have enough time to finish a video or would like to watch it again, add it to your watchlist. When you are done watching a video, you can remove it from your watchlist.

Add a video to your watchlist

  1. In Stream, find a video that you want to add to your watchlist.

  2. Click the More menu icon More menu icon and then select Add to watchlist.

    Manage watchlist

Remove a video from your watchlist

  • Click the More menu icon More menu icon and then select Remove from watchlist.

Manage watchlist

View and manage your watchlist

  1. In the Stream navigation bar, go to My content > My watchlist.

    Manage watchlist

    This takes you to the videos in your watchlist so you can watch the videos you've added.

  2. You can search or easily sort your videos by added date, number of views, likes, etc., and remove videos.

    Manage watchlist

Alternatively, you can view your watchlist from your Stream home page by selecting Microsoft Stream in the navigation bar and scrolling down to the My watchlist section.

Microsoft Stream displays up to four videos from your watchlist in this section. To see the rest, click See More. Note that your watchlist shows up on your home page only when you have at least 2 videos in your watchlist.

Manage watchlist

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