Use the troubleshooting portal to help users at your company

The troubleshooting portal lets help desk operators and Intune administrators view user information to address user help requests. Organizations that include a help desk can assign the Help desk operator to a group of users. The help desk operator role can use the Troubleshoot pane.

The Troubleshoot pane also shows user enrollment issues. Details about the issue and suggested remediation steps can help administrators and help desk operators troubleshoot problems. Certain enrollment issues aren't captured and some errors might not have remediation suggestions.

For steps on adding a help desk operator role, see Role-based administration control (RBAC) with Intune

When a user contacts support with a technical issue with Intune, the help desk operator enters the user's name. Intune shows useful data that can help resolve many tier-1 issues, including:

  • User status
  • Assignments
  • Compliance issues
  • Device not responding
  • Device not getting VPN or Wi-Fi settings
  • App installation failure

To review troubleshooting details

In the troubleshooting pane, choose Select user to view user information. User information can help you understand the current state of users and their devices.

  1. Sign in to Intune.
  2. On the Intune pane, choose Troubleshoot.
  3. Click Select to select a user to troubleshoot.
  4. Select a user by typing the name or email address. Click Select. The troubleshooting information for the user shows in the Troubleshooting pane. The following table explains the information.


You can also access the troubleshooting pane by pointing your browser to:

Areas of troubleshooting dashboard

You can use the Troubleshoot pane to review user information.

Troubleshooting dashboard, with numbered areas described by following table

Area Name Description
1. Account status Shows the status of the current Intune tenant as Active or Inactive.
2. User selection The name of the currently selected user. Click Change user to choose a new user.
3. User status Displays the status of the user's Intune license, number of devices, and each device compliance.
4. User information Use the list to select the details to review in the pane.
You can select:
  • Client apps
  • Compliance policies
  • Configuration policies
  • App protection policies
  • Enrollment restrictions
5. Group membership Shows the current groups the selected user is a member of.

Enrollment failure reference

The Enrollment Failures table lists enrollment attempts that failed. A device listed in the below table may have subsequently enrolled successfully during another attempt. Some failed attempts may not be listed. Mitigation information isn't available for all failures.

Table column Description
Enrollment start The start time when the user first began enrolling.
OS The device's operating system.
OS version The device's operating system version.
Failure The reason for the failure.

Failure details

When you choose a failure row, more details are provided.

Section Description
Failure details A more detailed explanation of the failure.
Potential remediations Suggested steps to resolve the error. Some failures may not have remediations.
Resources (Optional) Links for further reading or areas in the portal to take action.

Enrollment errors

Error Details
iOS/iPadOS Timeout or Failure A timeout between the device and Intune due to the user taking too long to complete enrollment.
User not found or licensed The user is missing a license or has been removed from the service.
Device already enrolled Someone attempted to enroll a device by using the Company Portal on a device that is still enrolled by another user.
Not onboarded into Intune An enrollment was attempted when the Intune mobile device management (MDM) authority wasn't configured.
Enrollment authorization failed An enrollment was attempted using an old version of company portal.
Device not supported The device doesn't meet the minimum requirements for Intune enrollment.
Enrollment restrictions not met This enrollment was blocked due to an admin configured enrollment restriction.
Device version too low The admin has configured an enrollment restriction requiring a higher device version.
Device version too high The admin has configured an enrollment restriction requiring a lower device version.
Device cannot be enrolled as personal The admin has configured an enrollment restriction to block personal enrollments and the failed device wasn't predefined as corporate.
Device platform blocked The admin has configured an enrollment restriction that blocks this device's platform.
Bulk token expired The bulk token in the provisioning package has expired.
Autopilot device or details not found The Autopilot device wasn't found when attempting to enroll.
Autopilot profile not found or not assigned The device doesn't have an active Autopilot profile.
Autopilot enrollment method unexpected The device attempted to enroll by using a non-allowed method.
Autopilot device removed The device attempting to enroll has been removed from Autopilot for this account.
Device cap reached This enrollment was blocked due to an admin configured device limit restriction.
Apple onboarding All iOS/iPadOS devices were blocked from enrolling at this time due to a missing or expired Apple MDM push certificate within Intune.
Device not preregistered The device wasn't pre-registered as corporate and all personal enrollments were blocked by an admin.
Feature not supported The user was likely attempting to enroll via a method not compatible with your Intune configuration.

Collect available data from mobile device

Use the following resources to help collect device data when troubleshooting user's device issues:

Next steps

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