AppEvents_Event.WorkbookRowsetComplete AppEvents_Event.WorkbookRowsetComplete AppEvents_Event.WorkbookRowsetComplete Event


The WorkbookRowsetCompleteevent occurs when the user either drills through the recordset or invokes the rowset action on an OLAP PivotTable.

 event Microsoft::Office::Interop::Excel::AppEvents_WorkbookRowsetCompleteEventHandler ^ WorkbookRowsetComplete;
event Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.AppEvents_WorkbookRowsetCompleteEventHandler WorkbookRowsetComplete;
Event WorkbookRowsetComplete As AppEvents_WorkbookRowsetCompleteEventHandler 


Because the recordset is created asynchronously, the event allows automation to determine when the action has been completed. Additionally, because the recordset is created on a separate sheet, the event needs to be on the workbook level.

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