Button Button Button Interface


Reserved for internal use.

public interface class Button
public interface Button
Public Interface Button


Accelerator Accelerator Accelerator
AddIndent AddIndent AddIndent
Application Application Application
AutoScaleFont AutoScaleFont AutoScaleFont
AutoSize AutoSize AutoSize
BottomRightCell BottomRightCell BottomRightCell
CancelButton CancelButton CancelButton
Caption Caption Caption
Characters[Object, Object] Characters[Object, Object] Characters[Object, Object]
Creator Creator Creator
DefaultButton DefaultButton DefaultButton
DismissButton DismissButton DismissButton
Enabled Enabled Enabled
Font Font Font
Formula Formula Formula
Height Height Height
HelpButton HelpButton HelpButton
HorizontalAlignment HorizontalAlignment HorizontalAlignment
Index Index Index
Left Left Left
Locked Locked Locked
LockedText LockedText LockedText
Name Name Name
OnAction OnAction OnAction
Orientation Orientation Orientation
Parent Parent Parent
PhoneticAccelerator PhoneticAccelerator PhoneticAccelerator

Returns the Phonetic object, which contains information about a specific phonetic text string in a cell.

Placement Placement Placement
PrintObject PrintObject PrintObject
ReadingOrder ReadingOrder ReadingOrder
ShapeRange ShapeRange ShapeRange
Text Text Text
Top Top Top
TopLeftCell TopLeftCell TopLeftCell
VerticalAlignment VerticalAlignment VerticalAlignment
Visible Visible Visible
Width Width Width
ZOrder ZOrder ZOrder


BringToFront() BringToFront() BringToFront()
CheckSpelling(Object, Object, Object, Object) CheckSpelling(Object, Object, Object, Object) CheckSpelling(Object, Object, Object, Object)
Copy() Copy() Copy()
CopyPicture(XlPictureAppearance, XlCopyPictureFormat) CopyPicture(XlPictureAppearance, XlCopyPictureFormat) CopyPicture(XlPictureAppearance, XlCopyPictureFormat)
Cut() Cut() Cut()
Delete() Delete() Delete()
Duplicate() Duplicate() Duplicate()
Select(Object) Select(Object) Select(Object)
SendToBack() SendToBack() SendToBack()

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