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A collection of ColorScaleCriterion objects that represents all of the criteria for a color scale conditional format. Each criterion specifies the minimum, midpoint, or maximum threshold for the color scale.

public interface class ColorScaleCriteria : System::Collections::IEnumerable
public interface ColorScaleCriteria : System.Collections.IEnumerable
Public Interface ColorScaleCriteria
Implements IEnumerable


<p>The following code example creates a range of numbers and then applies a two-color scale conditional formatting rule to that range. The color for the minimum threshold is then assigned to red and the maximum threshold to blue by indexing into the <strong>ColorScaleCriteria</strong> collection to set individual criteria.</p>
<pre><code>&lt;span class="label"&gt;Sub CreateColorScaleCF()  

Dim cfColorScale As ColorScale  

'Fill cells with sample data from 1 to 10  

With ActiveSheet  

    .Range("C1") = 1  

    .Range("C2") = 2  

    .Range("C1:C2").AutoFill Destination:=Range("C1:C10")  

End With  


'Create a two-color ColorScale object for the created sample data range  

Set cfColorScale = Selection.FormatConditions.AddColorScale(ColorScaleType:=2)  

'Set the minimum threshold to red and maximum threshold to blue  


<i>ColorScaleCriteria(1)</i> <span class="label">.FormatColor.Color = RGB(255, 0, 0) cfColorScale.</span> <i>ColorScaleCriteria(2)</i> <span class="label">.FormatColor.Color = RGB(0, 0, 255) End Sub </span>


To return the ColorScaleCriteria collection, use the ColorScaleCriteria property of the ColorScale object.


_Default[Object] _Default[Object] _Default[Object]

Reserved for internal use.

Count Count Count

Returns an Integer value that specifies the number of criteria for a color scale conditional format rule. Read-only.

Item[Object] Item[Object] Item[Object]

Returns a single ColorScaleCriterion object from the ColorScaleCriteriacollection. Read-only.


GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator()

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