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Represents a collection of icon sets used in an icon set conditional formatting rule.

public interface class IconSets : System::Collections::IEnumerable
public interface IconSets : System.Collections.IEnumerable
Public Interface IconSets
Implements IEnumerable


The icon set for the conditional format is assigned using the IconSet property of the IconSetCondition object. You set this property to one of the built-in icon sets by passing one of the constants of the XlIconSet enumeration as an index of the IconSets property of the _Workbook object. See the example for details.


_Default[Object] _Default[Object] _Default[Object]

Reserved for internal use.

Application Application Application

When used without an object qualifier, this property returns an _Application object that represents the Microsoft Office Excel application. When used with an object qualifier, this property returns an Application object that represents the creator of the specified object. Read-only.

Count Count Count

Returns an Integer value that specifies the number of icon sets available in the workbook. Read-only.

Creator Creator Creator

Returns a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which this object was created. Read-only Integer.

Item[Object] Item[Object] Item[Object]

Returns a single IconSet object from the IconSetscollection. Read-only.

Parent Parent Parent

Returns the parent object for the specified object. Read-only.


GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator()

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