IRtdServer IRtdServer IRtdServer Interface


Represents an interface for a real-time data server.

public interface class IRtdServer
public interface IRtdServer
Public Interface IRtdServer


The IRTDServer object can be instantiated or created only by implementing the IRTDServer interface using the Implements keyword.


ConnectData(Int32, Array, Boolean) ConnectData(Int32, Array, Boolean) ConnectData(Int32, Array, Boolean)

Adds new topics from a real-time data server. The ConnectData method is called when a file is opened that contains real-time data functions or when a user types in a new formula which contains the RTD function.

DisconnectData(Int32) DisconnectData(Int32) DisconnectData(Int32)

Notifies a real-time data (RTD) server application that a topic is no longer in use.

Heartbeat() Heartbeat() Heartbeat()

Determines if the real-time data server is still active. Zero or a negative number indicates failure; a positive number indicates that the server is active.

RefreshData(Int32) RefreshData(Int32) RefreshData(Int32)

This method is called by Microsoft Excel to get new data.

ServerStart(IRTDUpdateEvent) ServerStart(IRTDUpdateEvent) ServerStart(IRTDUpdateEvent)

The ServerStart method is called immediately after a real-time data server is instantiated. Negative value or zero indicates failure to start the server; positive value indicates success.

ServerTerminate() ServerTerminate() ServerTerminate()

Terminates the connection to the real-time data server.

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