PivotItem.DrillTo(String) PivotItem.DrillTo(String) PivotItem.DrillTo(String) Method


TheDrillTo(String) method supports drilling to a specified PivotField from a PivotItem.

 void DrillTo(System::String ^ Field);
public void DrillTo (string Field);
Public Sub DrillTo (Field As String)



For OLAP data sources, the PivotField being drilled to has to be in the same hierarchy as the PivotItem being drilled or, if multiple attribute hierarchies are placed next to each other on rows or columns, the PivotField being drilled to has to be one of the attribute hierarchies that are next to each other; no user hierarchies can be placed in between the PivotField of the PivotItem being drilled and the PivotField being drilled to. If these conditions are not met, a run-time error is returned.

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