XlCmdType XlCmdType XlCmdType Enum


Specifies the value of the CommandText property.

public enum class XlCmdType
public enum XlCmdType
Public Enum XlCmdType


xlCmdCube xlCmdCube xlCmdCube 1

Contains a cube name for an OLAP data source.

xlCmdDAX xlCmdDAX xlCmdDAX 8

Contains a Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) formula.

xlCmdDefault xlCmdDefault xlCmdDefault 4

Contains command text that the OLE DB provider understands.

xlCmdExcel xlCmdExcel xlCmdExcel 7

Contains an Excel formula.

xlCmdList xlCmdList xlCmdList 5

Contains a pointer to list data.

xlCmdSql xlCmdSql xlCmdSql 2

Contains an SQL statement.

xlCmdTable xlCmdTable xlCmdTable 3

Contains a table name for accessing OLE DB data sources.

xlCmdTableCollection xlCmdTableCollection xlCmdTableCollection 6

Contains the name of a table collection.

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