XlQueryType XlQueryType XlQueryType Enum


Specifies the type of query used by Microsoft Excel to populate the query table or PivotTable cache.

public enum class XlQueryType
public enum XlQueryType
Public Enum XlQueryType


xlADORecordset xlADORecordset xlADORecordset 7

Based on an ADO recordset query

xlDAORecordset xlDAORecordset xlDAORecordset 2

Based on a DAO recordset query, for query tables only

xlODBCQuery xlODBCQuery xlODBCQuery 1

Based on an ODBC data source

xlOLEDBQuery xlOLEDBQuery xlOLEDBQuery 5

Based on an OLE DB query, including OLAP data sources

xlTextImport xlTextImport xlTextImport 6

Based on a text file, for query tables only

xlWebQuery xlWebQuery xlWebQuery 4

Based on a Web page, for query tables only

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