SecurityException.Method Property


Gets or sets the information about the method associated with the exception.

public System.Reflection.MethodInfo Method { get; set; }
Property Value

A MethodInfo object describing the method.


This property contains one of the following:

  • Information about the method that the failed assembly was executing when the security check that triggered the exception occurred.

  • Information about the method that placed either a PermitOnly or Deny security action on the call stack, in the case of a failure due to a PermitOnly or Deny.

  • null, in the case of a failure that is impossible to attribute to a specific method.

The MethodInfo object provides the method name, class name, and assembly name information that uniquely identifies the method.


for the ability to provide evidence and view and modify policy. Associated enumerations: ControlEvidence, ControlPolicy Security action: Demand

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