Setting Up or Changing the Chart of Accounts

The chart of accounts shows the ledger accounts that store your financial data. Business Central includes a standard chart of accounts that is ready to support your business. However, you can change the default accounts, and you can add new accounts.

Adding or Changing Accounts

From the chart of accounts, you can open each G/L account and add or change settings.


You can delete a general ledger account. However, before you delete it, the following must be true:

  • The balance on the account must be zero.
  • The Allow G/L Acc. Deletion Before field must be set on the General Ledger Setup page, and the account must not have ledger entries on or after that date.
  • If the Check G/L Account Usage field on the General Ledger Setup page is selected, then the account must not be used in any posting groups or posting setup.

Business Central will prevent you from deleting a general ledger account that stores data that is needed in the chart of accounts.

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