MRSProxyConfiguration settings aren't honored when they're configured

Original KB number:  3002970


Settings in the MRSProxyConfiguration section of the MSExchangeMailboxReplication.exe.config file aren't honored in Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. Instead, default settings for MaxMRSConnections and DataImportTimeout are used.


Before Cumulative Update 7 (CU7), the MRS Proxy configuration section that's inserted by Exchange Server is incorrect. These incorrect values prevent the settings from being read by the Mailbox Replication Service, so the default settings are used instead. As a result, any pre-CU7 version of Exchange Server 2013 will meet this issue.


An upgrade to or clean install of CU7 will provide the correct template for the settings, and modifications will be honored. Otherwise, you can make these modifications manually by using the following procedure:


All of these configuration changes are case-sensitive, so please note the casing of each item.

  1. Open the MsExchangeMailboxReplication.exe.config file in notepad or another text editor.
  2. Near the beginning of the file, locate the section element underneath the configSections element named MrsProxyConfiguration.
  3. Change the name of this section from MrsProxyConfiguration to MRSProxyConfiguration.
  4. Change the type of this section from the value Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxReplicationService.MRSProxyConfiguration, Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxReplication.ProxyService, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35 to the value Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxReplicationService.MRSProxyConfiguration, Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxReplicationService.ProxyService, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35.
  5. Near the end of the file, locate the element called MrsProxyConfiguration.
  6. Change the name of the element from MrsProxyConfiguration to MRSProxyConfiguration.

After you make these changes, any values configured in the MRSProxyConfiguration section will be read and honored by the Mailbox Replication Service.


These changes will take effect after the next restart of the Mailbox Replication Service.