Microsoft Teams PowerShell Overview

Microsoft Teams PowerShell is a set of cmdlets for managing Teams directly from the PowerShell command line. Written in .NET Standard, Teams PowerShell works on PowerShell 5.1 on Windows, PowerShell 6.x and higher on all platforms including Azure Cloud Shell.

Before you can start using PowerShell, you'll need to install it.


There are known issues with PowerShell 7 and Teams PowerShell. We recommend using PowerShell 5.1 until the issues are resolved.


Teams PowerShell is available on PowerShell Gallery in two release types.

  • General Availability (GA): Production-ready cmdlets, updated monthly.

  • Public Preview: Early access to features. May be updated more frequently than GA.

For detailed information on feature additions and improvements for both releases, read the Teams PowerShell release notes.

Manage Teams with PowerShell

You'll use Teams PowerShell modules to fully manage Teams:


The latest Teams PowerShell public release is integrated with Skype for Business Online Connector, providing a single module for Teams PowerShell management.

For a complete guide to managing Teams using these modules, please see Manage Teams with Teams PowerShell.

Installing Teams PowerShell

Managing Teams with Teams PowerShell

Teams PowerShell Release Notes

Microsoft Teams cmdlet reference

Skype for Business cmdlet reference

Use Microsoft Teams admin roles to manage Teams