Lenovo Yoga L13 might shut down during Teams meetings


Lenovo Yoga L13 devices sometimes shut down during a Microsoft Teams meeting.


During a Teams meeting that includes video, the CPU temperature of the L13 device could spike to over 90 degrees Celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit) for multiple seconds, causing it to shut down. It is not yet clear if this issue is limited to the combination of Teams and the L13 device. As this appears to be a widespread issue, it is possible that a recent driver update is involved.


To work around this issue, reduce the value of the Maximum processor state setting to make sure that the CPU of the L13 device does not overheat.

  1. Right-click the battery icon in the task bar, and then select Power Options

    Image shows Power Options location

  2. Select Change plan settings Image highlights location of Change plan settings button

  3. Select Change advanced power settings

    Image shows location of Change advanced power settings

  4. Expand Processor power management and then Maximum processor state. Change both On battery and Plugged in options to 99%, and then select OK

    Image highlights location of Maximum processor state setting

  5. Reboot the L13 device.

The CPU temperature should now be controlled and never go above 80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit). Join a Teams meeting with video to verify that the issue is resolved.


Microsoft is working with Lenovo to investigate this issue.

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