Use NDI® technology in Microsoft Teams

NewTek NDI® (Network Device Interface) technology is a modern solution for connecting media devices (such as a studio camera and mixer). Instead of using physical connections, NDI® technology enables connectivity over a local intranet, including on a local machine.

NDI® technology has become a standard industry solution for producing live content for streams and has gained significant awareness and adoption in the professional broadcast world.

Skype previously added NDI®-out functionality to Skype in late 2018. Microsoft Teams uses this functionality to improve the meeting experience.

NDI® technology is limited to a local network and should only be considered a part of the production workflow, not a broadcast solution.

Turn on NDI® technology

NDI® technology requires two steps to be turned on for a user.

  1. The tenant admin must enable the 'AllowNDIStreaming' property in CsTeamsMeetingPolicy.
Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity MEETING_POLICY -AllowNDIStreaming $true
  1. After this change has populated, the end user must turn on NDI® technology for their specific client from Settings > Permissions.

When a user joins a meeting, they'll see a message that notifies them that the meeting is being broadcast. If users don’t want to be included in the broadcast, they’ll need to drop from the meeting.

The following image shows the banner message that a user sees in a Teams meeting.

he NDI® technology banner that displays in a Teams meeting.

The banner has a link to the Microsoft privacy policy.

Supported locales and user types

NDI® technology is supported in all locales. The following users are included in an NDI® technology stream, but not all users can access the NDI® technology stream:

  • In-tenant – full support, delivered based on ring/tenantId/userId (controlled by Meetings Policy)
  • Federated – no stream access (even when they have NDI® technology on)1
  • Premium - no stream access
  • Anonymous – no stream access
  • Guest – no stream access

1 Devices have an NDI® technology setting that is on by default. If a meeting participant is using a device with NDI® technology off, they'll need to turn on NDI® technology.