"Cannot update. Database or object is read-only" error in linked SharePoint list in Access


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When you work in a Microsoft Access table that is linked to a Microsoft SharePoint list that contains a hidden metadata column, you receive the following error message:

Cannot update. Database or object is read-only


This error is caused by a known issue in Microsoft Access that occurs when a table is linked to a SharePoint list that has hidden metadata.


To work around this problem, re-create the list without the metadata columns.

More Information

The problem is not resolved even after you remove the managed metadata column from the existing list.

The presence of the "TaxonomyHiddenList" linked table within the database indicates that one or more of the tables that are linked to a SharePoint list reference (or used to reference) a hidden metadata column. For example, the list references or used to reference an Enterprise Keywords column.

In Design view, you can check whether the table contains a Taxonomy Catch All field. This field indicates that the SharePoint list currently has or at some time in the past had a reference to a hidden metadata column that is associated with this field.

For more information about known issues that occur when you use SharePoint lists in Access, see Access cache formats for SharePoint lists/document libraries.