Deleted recipients still appear in the list view of the Drafts folder in Outlook Online mode

Original KB number:   3105651


Consider the following scenario:

  • You're using Microsoft Outlook in Online mode.
  • You view a message in the Drafts folder.
  • The draft message was previously saved by having users in the To field.
  • You remove all recipients from the To field, and you resave the message.

In this scenario, the To field in the message itself is empty. However, the message entry that's displayed in the message list in the Drafts folder still displays the names of recipients. These persistent names are those that were removed after the message was last saved.

This issue occurs only if the To field is completely emptied.

This issue doesn't occur in Outlook in Cached Exchange mode or in Outlook Web App.


This issue occurs because the PR_DISPLAY_TO property on the message is not cleared when the last recipient is removed from the message's recipient table.


To work around this issue, enter at least one of the intended recipients to reset the view. This causes the recipient table to be re-created and the PR_DISPLAY_TO property to be updated.