Using the skills report

Appropriate roles: MPN partner admin | Global admin

The skills report allows partners in the Microsoft Partner Network to assess the skills completed by users in their partner company. Skills in the report can include assessments, certifications, or exams taken by the partner’s technical users.

A partner company’s achievement of these types of skills is one of the requirements for the partner to attain silver or gold status within a specific Microsoft competency. Competencies are used by partners to demonstrate their areas of technical expertise to current and new customers. They also offer many benefits to partners who attain them. For more information about the competencies available and their benefits, see Microsoft Partner Network Competencies.

Your company’s MPN partner admin or global admin may want to perform the following tasks related to the skills report:

  • Check the skills report periodically to see progress of user skills toward your company’s attainment of one or more key competencies. When a user leaves your company, you may lose relevant skills. Likewise, when a new user joins, you may gain certain skills.

  • Plan future skills training to ensure your partner company meets the skills requirements for a specific competency. Doing so helps your partner company earn a new silver or gold competency or maintain an existing silver or gold competency. For existing silver or gold competencies, admins should check the skills report at least three months before the competency’s anniversary date to identify if competency attainment/renewal is at risk. This advance warning lets you give your users time to obtain new skills.

  • Confirm all technical users in your company appear on the skills report and that they have promptly associated their Learn account with their Partner Center user account. Later sections of this article describe how to do so.

  • Work with users to confirm accuracy of their latest skills information on the skills report. If needed, help users troubleshoot any issues.

Skill report prerequisites

Before you can view the skills report and start applying your company’s skills toward attaining a competency, you need to meet the following prerequisites:

  • Make sure you are enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network.

    Partners must be enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network before they can attain a competency or access the skills report for their users. If your company is not already a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, go to the membership page and select Join now.

  • Make sure you have the appropriate role in Partner Center. Only users in the partner company who are assigned the Partner Center role of MPN partner admin or global admin can view the skills report from the Partner Center dashboard. Learn more about available [user roles](permissions-overview or in Partner Center. Or, read how to create or manage a user account to assign a specific role to a user.

  • Make sure your company’s users also have their own user account in Partner Center. The user account should be associated with your partner company. See how to create or manage a user account.

  • Make sure your company’s users associate their skills or certifications with their Partner Center user account. Before their skills or certifications can appear in the Partner Center skills report, users need to make sure they have associated their Microsoft Learning account (MCP ID) to Partner Center and Partner University. After the user follows these steps, it can take between 24 and 72 hours before their skills appear in the skills report. This set of steps should also be completed by any new users who have recently joined your company.


    Users should use the same email address they used in MsCert, Microsoft Learn, or the Partner University portal when taking exams or courses. If a user has used a different email address than the email address associated with them in their Partner Center user account, they may need to work with their MPN account admin or global admin.

View skills report data

Follow these steps to view skills report data from the Partner Center.


To learn more about the workspaces interface, see Getting around Partner Center.

  1. Using the user account with the appropriate Partner Center role, sign in to the Partner Center dashboard.

  2. Select the Membership tile, then select Competencies.

  3. Locate the following options in the upper right side of the Competencies page: Competency performance report and Download skills report. You have the option to view skills report data within the Partner Center user interface or as a downloaded spreadsheet.

    Partner Center Competencies page with two options highlighted in upper right corner.

    • For an easy-read view of skills report data, select Competency performance report, followed by User skills data in the upper left side of the Competency report page.

      Partner Center Competency report page with User skills data option in upper left corner.

    • To download the report in spreadsheet format, select Download skills report. Once the file downloads and opens, you will see a table with details about each user’s skills. The columns, Associated to PMC and Associated to PC, indicate whether or not the user’s skills have already been associated to their earlier Partner Membership Center (PMC) account and their Partner Center (PC) account. If you have users still operating in PMC, see the later section on PMC users.

      Partner Center spreadsheet with multiple columns of sample data showing status of user skills attainment.


When a user associates their Microsoft Exams and Certifications or Microsoft training & assessments for the first time or completes new skills, it can take up to 72 hours for the skills to be displayed in the skills report. Only skills relevant to the competencies and programs of Partner Center will be shown in the skills report. Retired skills may also appear in the report for 12 months or more after they have been retired. Unless an exam, assessment, or certification is specifically mentioned as part of a specific competency's requirements, it will not be considered towards meeting that competency.

Skills report and PMC users

You have six months after your company moved its membership to Partner Center for your old PMC-based skills to be considered for competency attainment. To prevent your competency from being at risk, download the skills report and make sure to identify and prioritize users whose data indicates:

  • "Yes" in the Associated in PMC column

  • "No" in the Associated in PC column

  • Valid skills shown in the Relevant for Competencies (Option) or Programs column

If you have users meeting the above criteria, contact them ask them to associate in Partner Center as soon as possible.

Troubleshoot issues with the skills report

This section covers potential issues you or your users may encounter with the skills report and how to address them.

Why can’t I see any skills for a specific user?

If the skills report data shows no skills for a user, the user:

  • May not have gained the relevant skills yet

  • May have merged their skills to another MCID that is not associated with their Partner Center user account

If the user has duplicate accounts, the required skills may be split into two or more accounts. For example, you might have the MSA tied to an MCID (as shown in the MCID column of the skills report), yet the certification of transcript the same MSA refers to another MCID. In this case, you need to merge the MCID from the transcript into the MCID already displayed in the skills report. To do so, contact the designated Microsoft Certification Training Support team. Once the MCP merge has been confirmed, you will not have to reassociate your MSA. It will be already associated in Partner Center. This process can take up to 24 hours to show in the Partner Center.

Why do I see an error message when I try to download the skills report?

When you try to download the skill report, you may see the following message, “No users found with skills data. Check to see whether users have associated their Learning or Partner University accounts with their profiles”.

This message can appear if your account was directly created in Partner Center or if none of your company’s users from PMC associated their MCPs in PMC before they migrated to Partner Center. Check to see if the MCPs associated with your users’ Learning or Partner University accounts have already been associated with their user accounts in Partner Center.

A user has associated their skills in Partner Center, but I don’t see it in the skills report

If a user has completed skills but they don’t appear in the skills report, confirm:

  • The user already associated their skills in Partner Center

  • The user’s skills are part of a specific competency’s requirements (as shown in the Partner Center dashboard or on the Microsoft Partner Network Competencies page).

  • 72 hours have passed since the user completed their skills After 72 hours, if the skills data still doesn’t reflect user completion of their skill, the MPN account admin or MPN partner admin should contact Microsoft Partner Support. Before you contact Microsoft Partner Support, be prepared to collect and send the following information:

  • A copy of the exported report of users (or a screenshot of the report). To access this report, sign in to Partner Center, then select User Management, followed by Export report of users. The report shows who has access to Partner University or who has associated their Microsoft Learning account.

  • A downloaded version of the latest skills report, as described earlier in this article.

  • Proof the user completed relevant Microsoft exams, certifications, or training and assessments. See the following proof examples.


    Currently, Partner Center only recognizes certification from two sources, Microsoft Learning and Partner University. Any other certificate received from any other sources (such as OpenedX) will not be considered.

    Proof example #1 – Microsoft Certification Official Transcript

    Sample of Microsoft Certification Official Transcript.

    Proof example #2 – Microsoft Online Training Course Completion Sample certificate titled Microsoft Online Training Course Completion.

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