Printing from the Power BI service


Power BI is moving to a new look, and some images in the documentation may not match what you see in the service. Learn more about the new look and try it for yourself.

Print an entire dashboard, a dashboard tile, a report page, or a report visual from the Power BI service. Reports can only be printed one page at a time -- you can't print the entire report at once.


The print dialog you see will depend on which browser you are using.

  1. Open the dashboard that you'd like to print.

  2. In the upper left corner, select Export and choose Print this page.

    Dashboard print option

  3. The Print window for your browser opens. Choose the settings and print destination, and select Print.

    print dialog

  1. Open the dashboard in full screen mode by selecting the full screen icon full screen icon from the upper menu bar.

  2. Open the tile in Focus mode by hovering to reveal More options (...) and choosing Open in focus mode or the focus icon Focus icon.

    ellipses menu

  3. Hover over the tile to reveal the Options menu.

    full screen options menu

  4. Select the Print icon print icon .

Reports can be printed one page at a time.

  1. Open the report and select Export > Print to print the current report page.

    Power BI File menu

  2. The Print window for your browser opens.

  1. Open the visual in Focus mode by hovering over the tile and selecting the Focus icon Focus icon from the top-right corner.

  2. From the upper left corner, select Export > Print to print the visual.

    Power BI File menu

Considerations and troubleshooting

  • Q: I cannot print all the report pages at once.
  • A: That is correct. Report pages can only be printed one page at a time.
  • Q: I cannot print to PDF.
  • A: You will only see this option if you've already configured the PDF driver in your browser.
  • Q: What I see when I select Print doesn't match what you're showing me here.
  • A: The Print screens vary by browser and software version.
  • Q: My printout isn't scaled correctly. My dashboard doesn't fit on the page. Other scaling and orientation questions.
  • A: We cannot guarantee that the printed copy will be exactly the same as it appears in the Power BI service. Things like scaling, margins, visual details, orientation, and size are not controlled by Power BI. For help with issues like this, refer to the documentation for your specific browser.

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