Error when upgrading Azure AD Connect: Unable to install the synchronization service

Original product version:   Office 365 Identity Management, Azure Active Directory
Original KB number:   4054462


When you try to upgrade Azure Active Directory Connect, you receive the following error message:

An Error occurred while Upgrading from Azure Active Directory Sync. Unable to upgrade the Synchronization Service. Please see the Event log for additional details.

The detailed event log resembles the following:

Date/Time[ 12] [INFO ] ServiceControllerProvider: StartService status: Running Date/Time[ 12] [ERROR] Error during sync engine upgrade. System.Exception: Unable to upgrade the Synchronization Service. Please see the event log for additional details. ---> Microsoft.Azure.ActiveDirectory.Client.Framework.ProcessExecutionFailedException: Error installing msi package 'Synchronization Service.msi'. Full log is available at 'C:\ProgramData\AADConnect\Synchronization Service_Install-DateTime.log'.

Action startTime: DetectServiceAccount. CustomAction DetectServiceAccount returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox) Action endedTime: DetectServiceAccount. Return value 3. Action endedTime: INSTALL. Return value 3. MSI (s) (14:AC)Time: Note: 1: 1708 MSI (s) (14:AC)Time: Product: Microsoft Azure AD Connect synchronization services -- Installation operation failed. MSI (s) (14:AC)Time: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Microsoft Azure AD Connect synchronization services. Product Version: 1.1.614.0. Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation. Installation success or error status: 1603. MSI (s) (14:AC)Time: Deferring clean up of packages/files, if any exist MSI (s) (14:AC)Time: MainEngineThread is returning 1603 MSI (s) (14:80)Time: RESTART MANAGER: Session closed.


The underlying service account was configured by using the user principal name (UPN) instead of Domain\SamAccountName.


To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Start the Service Console on the Azure AD Connect server.
  2. Locate the Microsoft Azure AD Sync  service, and then right-click the service.
  3. Select Properties, and then select Logons.
  4. Set the account by using Domain\SamAccountName instead of using the UPN.
  5. Select Apply and OK.