Viewing ETW traces for WCF service using a non-default ETW provider ID

This article describes a problem where Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service using a non-default Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) provider ID when you view ETW traces.

Original product version:   Windows Communication Foundation
Original KB number:   2120508


WCF 4.0 emits traces to ETW. See Analytic Tracing with ETW for more details. By default the ETW traces are emitted using the default provider ID ({C651F5F6-1C0D-492E-8AE1-B4EFD7C9D503}). The .NET Framework 4 registers an ETW manifest for this provider ID. If a manifest is registered, the ETW events can be decoded and viewed in the Windows Event viewer.

WCF allows events to be emitted on a non-default provider ID by changing the provider ID in the config. In this case, the events are non-decodable in the event viewer since a manifest is not registered for this provider ID.

More information

WCF allows events to be emitted on a specific provider ID by changing configuration as follows:

        <diagnostics etwProviderId="52A3165D-4AD9-405C-B1E8-7D9A257EAC9F" />

Now since the manifest with provider ID 52A3165D-4AD9-405C-B1E8-7D9A257EAC9F is not registered the events are not decodable. To read the events, there are two options:

  • Option 1:

    1. Create and start an ETW session that listens for events with the specific provider ID.

      > logman create trace myETWSession -o "C:\Temp\mylog.etl" -ets -p {52A3165D-4AD9-405C-B1E8-7D9A257EAC9F} -mode Append -ft 1
      > Logman start myETWSessionconfiguration>
    2. When ready to view the logs, stop the session.

      > Logman stop myETWSession
    3. Copy the ETW manifest file from .NET Framework 4 directory to the logs directory and modify the provider ID in the manifest. Copy from the .NET Framework 4 directory to c:\Temp.

    4. Modify the provider ID in to 52A3165D-4AD9-405C-B1E8-7D9A257EAC9F.
      In the manifest located in C:\Temp change the guid:

      <provider name="Microsoft-Windows-Application Server-Applications"
                guid ="{c651f5f6-1c0d-492e-8ae1-b4efd7c9d503 }" ...../>
    5. Format the trace file with this command:

      tracerpt -l <tracefile name>.etl -import -of EVTX
    6. Open the generated evtx file in Event Viewer.

  • Option 2:

    Register the ETW manifest with the non-default provider ID as described in Configuring Tracking for a Workflow under the section Registering an application-specific provider ID