.admx errors when running Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc)

This article provides a workaround for .admx errors when running Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc).

Applies to:   Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 10 - all editions
Original KB number:   3049255


This issue occurs when the following conditions are true:

  • You install an additional language pack on a computer.
  • You set both the Override for Windows display language and Override for default input method options for the new language under the Advanced settings of the Language in Control Panel.
  • You change the system language.

For example, you receive the following error messages when you change to the Japanese language on the computer:

Error files Text of the errors in Japanese Screenshot of the errors
InetRes.admx 管理用テンプレート

リソース '$(string.Advanced_EnableSSL3Fallback)' (属性 displayName で参照) が見つかりませんでした。ファイル C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\inetres.admx、行 795、列 308

The details of the Inetres.admx error in Japanese.
Pinting.admx 管理用テンプレート

リソース '$(string.ShowJobTitleInEventLogs)' (属性 displayName で参照) が見つかりませんでした。ファイル C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\Printing.admx、行 721、列 7

The details of the Printing.admx error in Japanese.


This issue occurs because several system core files have to be updated when they are related to the newly installed language.


To work around the issue, reinstall the following update, depending on the error that you receive:


  • When you install this update (2919355) from Windows Update, updates 2932046, 2937592, 2938439, 2934018, and 2959977 are included in the installation.
  • We recommend that you download and install any needed language pack before you install updates.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.