Set Microsoft Defender for Identity notifications


The experience described in this page can also be accessed at as part of Microsoft 365 Defender. The supporting documents for the new experience can be found here. For more information about Microsoft Defender for Identity and when other features will be available in Microsoft 365 Defender, see Microsoft Defender for Identity in Microsoft 365 Defender.

Microsoft Defender for Identity can notify you when it detects a suspicious activity and issues a security alert or a health alert via email.

To receive notifications to a specific email address, set the following parameters:

  1. In the Defender for Identity portal, select the settings option on the toolbar and select Configuration.

    Defender for Identity configuration settings icon

  2. Click Notifications.

  3. Under Mail notifications, add email addresses for the notifications you want to receive - they can be sent for new alerts (suspicious activities) and new health issues.


    • Emails are only sent for notifications with defined email addresses.
    • Email alerts for suspicious activities are only sent when the suspicious activity is created.
  4. Click Save.

    Defender for Identity notifications

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