Azure Active Directory developer's guide


As an identity management as a service (IDMaaS) platform, Azure Active Directory (AD) provides developers an effective way to integrate identity management into their applications. The following articles provide overviews on implementation and key features of Azure AD. We suggest that you read them in order, or jump to Getting started if you're ready to dig in.

  1. The benefits of Azure AD integration: Discover why integration with Azure AD offers the best solution for secure sign-in and authorization.
  2. Azure AD authentication scenarios: Take advantage of simplified authentication in Azure AD to provide sign-on to your application.
  3. Integrating applications with Azure AD: Learn how to add, update, and remove applications from Azure AD, and about the branding guidelines for integrated apps.
  4. Azure AD Graph API: Use the Azure AD Graph API to programmatically access Azure AD through REST API endpoints. The Azure AD Graph API is also accessible through Microsoft Graph. Microsoft Graph provides a unified API that enables access to multiple Microsoft cloud service APIs, through a single REST API endpoint, and with a single access token.
  5. Azure AD authentication libraries: Easily authenticate users to obtain access tokens by using Azure AD authentication libraries for .NET, JavaScript, Objective-C, Android, and more.

Getting started

These tutorials are tailored for multiple platforms and can help you quickly start developing with Azure Active Directory. As a prerequisite, you must get an Azure Active Directory tenant.

Mobile and PC application quick-start guides

iOS Android .NET Windows Universal
iOS Android .NET Windows
Xamarin Cordova OAuth 2.0
Xamarin Cordova Integrate directly
with OAuth 2.0

Web application quick-start guides

.NET Java AngularJS
.NET Java AngularJS
Javascript Node.js OpenID Connect
JavaScript Node.js Integrate directly
with OpenID Connect

Web API quick-start guides

.NET Node.js
.NET Node.js

Querying the directory quickstart guide

Graph API


These articles describe how to perform specific tasks by using Azure Active Directory:


These articles provide a foundation reference for REST and authentication library APIs, protocols, errors, code samples, and endpoints.



Graph API

Authentication and authorization protocols



These overview presentations on developing apps by using Azure Active Directory feature speakers who work directly in the engineering team. The presentations cover fundamental topics, including IDMaaS, authentication, identity federation, and single sign-on.

Azure Friday

Azure Friday is a recurring Friday 1:1 video series that's dedicated to bringing you short (10–15 minutes) interviews with experts on a variety of Azure topics. Use the Services Filter feature on the page to see all Azure Active Directory videos.


Windows Server on-premises development

For guidance on using Windows Server and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) development, see:

  • AD FS Scenarios for Developers: Provides an overview of AD FS components and how it works, with details on the supported authentication/authorization scenarios.
  • AD FS walkthroughs: a list of walk-through articles, which provide step-by-step instructions on implementing the related authentication/authorization flows.