azcopy jobs remove

Remove all files associated with the given job ID.


You can customize the location where log and plan files are saved. See the azcopy env command to learn more.

azcopy jobs remove [jobID] [flags]


  azcopy jobs rm e52247de-0323-b14d-4cc8-76e0be2e2d44


--help Help for remove.

Options inherited from parent commands

--cap-mbps float Caps the transfer rate, in megabits per second. Moment-by-moment throughput might vary slightly from the cap. If this option is set to zero, or it is omitted, the throughput isn't capped.

--output-type string Format of the command's output. The choices include: text, json. The default value is text. (default text)

--trusted-microsoft-suffixes string Specifies additional domain suffixes where Azure Active Directory login tokens may be sent. The default is ';;;'. Any listed here are added to the default. For security, you should only put Microsoft Azure domains here. Separate multiple entries with semi-colons.

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