ProjectCollectionChangedState Enum


Properties or other mutable state associated with a ProjectCollection project collection.

public enum class ProjectCollectionChangedState
public enum ProjectCollectionChangedState
type ProjectCollectionChangedState = 
Public Enum ProjectCollectionChangedState


DefaultToolsVersion 0

The DefaultToolsVersion property changed.

DisableMarkDirty 7

The DisableMarkDirty property changed.

GlobalProperties 3

The global properties changed.

HostServices 6

The HostServices property changed.

IsBuildEnabled 4

The IsBuildEnabled property changed.

Loggers 2

The loggers changed.

OnlyLogCriticalEvents 5

The OnlyLogCriticalEvents property changed.

SkipEvaluation 8

The SkipEvaluation property changed.

Toolsets 1

The toolsets changed.

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