ProjectLoadSettings Enum


Flags for controlling the project load.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class ProjectLoadSettings
public enum ProjectLoadSettings
type ProjectLoadSettings = 
Public Enum ProjectLoadSettings


Default 0

Normal load. This is the default.

DoNotEvaluateElementsWithFalseCondition 32

By default, evaluations performed via Project evaluate and collect elements whose conditions were false (e.g. ItemsIgnoringCondition). This flag turns off this behaviour. Project members that collect such elements will throw when accessed.

FailOnUnresolvedSdk 256

Used in combination with IgnoreMissingImports to still treat an unresolved MSBuild project SDK as an error.

IgnoreEmptyImports 16

Ignore empty targets files when evaluating the project

IgnoreInvalidImports 64

Ignore invalid target files when evaluating the project

IgnoreMissingImports 1

Ignore nonexistent targets files when evaluating the project

ProfileEvaluation 128

Whether to profile the evaluation

RecordDuplicateButNotCircularImports 2

Record imports including duplicate, but not circular, imports on the ImportsIncludingDuplicates property

RecordEvaluatedItemElements 8

Record the item elements that got evaluated

RejectCircularImports 4

Throw an exception and stop the evaluation of a project if any circular imports are detected


This is a "flags" enum, allowing future settings to be added in an additive, non breaking fashion.

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