IVsaFullErrorInfo IVsaFullErrorInfo IVsaFullErrorInfo IVsaFullErrorInfo Interface


Defines properties to obtain information about errors. This interface provides extra functionality that is needed by an IActiveScript host.

This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

public interface class IVsaFullErrorInfo : Microsoft::JScript::Vsa::IJSVsaError
public interface IVsaFullErrorInfo : Microsoft.JScript.Vsa.IJSVsaError
type IVsaFullErrorInfo = interface
    interface IJSVsaError
Public Interface IVsaFullErrorInfo
Implements IJSVsaError


Description Description Description Description

Gets a brief description of the error, in some instances returning a reference to the token in the source code that is causing the error.

(Inherited from IJSVsaError)
EndColumn EndColumn EndColumn EndColumn

Gets the ending column number for the source text that caused the error, if available.

(Inherited from IJSVsaError)
EndLine EndLine EndLine EndLine

When implemented in a class, gets the end line of the code in which an error occurred.

Line Line Line Line

Gets the line number on which an error occurs.

(Inherited from IJSVsaError)
LineText LineText LineText LineText

Gets the text of the source code from the line that caused the error.

(Inherited from IJSVsaError)
Number Number Number Number

Gets a number that uniquely identifies the error.

(Inherited from IJSVsaError)
Severity Severity Severity Severity

Sets the severity of the error.

(Inherited from IJSVsaError)
SourceItem SourceItem SourceItem SourceItem

Gets a reference to the IJSVsaItem object that generated the error.

(Inherited from IJSVsaError)
SourceMoniker SourceMoniker SourceMoniker SourceMoniker

Gets the fully qualified name of the source item that contained the error, in a format recognizable by the script engine.

(Inherited from IJSVsaError)
StartColumn StartColumn StartColumn StartColumn

Gets the starting column number for the source text that caused the error, if available.

(Inherited from IJSVsaError)

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