JSError JSError JSError JSError Enum


Specifies the JScript error messages. This class belongs to the compilation and run-time state category.

This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

public enum class JSError
public enum JSError
type JSError = 
Public Enum JSError


AbstractCannotBePrivate AbstractCannotBePrivate AbstractCannotBePrivate AbstractCannotBePrivate 1157

An abstract method cannot be private.

AbstractCannotBeStatic AbstractCannotBeStatic AbstractCannotBeStatic AbstractCannotBeStatic 1216

Static methods cannot be abstract.

AbstractWithBody AbstractWithBody AbstractWithBody AbstractWithBody 1192

An abstract function cannot have a body.

ActionNotSupported ActionNotSupported ActionNotSupported ActionNotSupported 445

The object does not support this action.

AmbiguousBindingBecauseOfEval AmbiguousBindingBecauseOfEval AmbiguousBindingBecauseOfEval AmbiguousBindingBecauseOfEval 1150

The presence of Eval has made the use of this name ambiguous.

AmbiguousBindingBecauseOfWith AmbiguousBindingBecauseOfWith AmbiguousBindingBecauseOfWith AmbiguousBindingBecauseOfWith 1149

The With statement has made the use of this name ambiguous.

AmbiguousConstructorCall AmbiguousConstructorCall AmbiguousConstructorCall AmbiguousConstructorCall 1184

More than one constructor matches this parameter list.

AmbiguousMatch AmbiguousMatch AmbiguousMatch AmbiguousMatch 1183

More than one method or property matches this parameter list.

ArrayLengthAssignIncorrect ArrayLengthAssignIncorrect ArrayLengthAssignIncorrect ArrayLengthAssignIncorrect 5030

Array length must be assigned a finite positive number.

ArrayLengthConstructIncorrect ArrayLengthConstructIncorrect ArrayLengthConstructIncorrect ArrayLengthConstructIncorrect 5029

Array length must be a finite positive integer.

ArrayMayBeCopied ArrayMayBeCopied ArrayMayBeCopied ArrayMayBeCopied 1215

Assigning a JScript array to a Array may cause the array to be copied.

AssemblyAttributesMustBeGlobal AssemblyAttributesMustBeGlobal AssemblyAttributesMustBeGlobal AssemblyAttributesMustBeGlobal 1249

Assembly custom attributes cannot be part of another construct.

AssignmentToReadOnly AssignmentToReadOnly AssignmentToReadOnly AssignmentToReadOnly 5040

Cannot assign to read-only field or property.

BadBreak BadBreak BadBreak BadBreak 1019

Cannot have break outside the loop.

BadContinue BadContinue BadContinue BadContinue 1020

Cannot have continue outside the loop.

BadFunctionDeclaration BadFunctionDeclaration BadFunctionDeclaration BadFunctionDeclaration 1199

Possible invalid function declaration, function missing, or unrecognized syntax error.

BadHexDigit BadHexDigit BadHexDigit BadHexDigit 1023

Expected hexadecimal digit.

BadLabel BadLabel BadLabel BadLabel 1025

There is already a label that has that name.

BadModifierInInterface BadModifierInInterface BadModifierInInterface BadModifierInInterface 1224

This modifier cannot be used on an interface member.

BadOctalLiteral BadOctalLiteral BadOctalLiteral BadOctalLiteral 1242

Malformed octal literal treated as decimal literal.

BadPropertyDeclaration BadPropertyDeclaration BadPropertyDeclaration BadPropertyDeclaration 1200

Invalid property declaration. The get accessor must not have arguments and the set accessor must have one argument.

BadReturn BadReturn BadReturn BadReturn 1018

Return statement cannot appear outside the function.

BadSwitch BadSwitch BadSwitch BadSwitch 1103

Missing case or default statement.

BadThrow BadThrow BadThrow BadThrow 1239

A throw statement must have an argument unless it is inside the catch block of a try statement.

BadVariableDeclaration BadVariableDeclaration BadVariableDeclaration BadVariableDeclaration 1198

Possible invalid variable declaration, var missing, or unrecognized syntax error.

BadWayToLeaveFinally BadWayToLeaveFinally BadWayToLeaveFinally BadWayToLeaveFinally 1190

It is slow and potentially confusing to leave a finally block this way.

BaseClassIsExpandoAlready BaseClassIsExpandoAlready BaseClassIsExpandoAlready BaseClassIsExpandoAlready 1156

A base class is already marked Expando; current specification will be ignored.

BooleanExpected BooleanExpected BooleanExpected BooleanExpected 5010

No Boolean value found.

CannotAssignToFunctionResult CannotAssignToFunctionResult CannotAssignToFunctionResult CannotAssignToFunctionResult 5003

Cannot assign to a function result.

CannotBeAbstract CannotBeAbstract CannotBeAbstract CannotBeAbstract 1212

Cannot be abstract unless class is marked as abstract.

CannotCallSecurityMethodLateBound CannotCallSecurityMethodLateBound CannotCallSecurityMethodLateBound CannotCallSecurityMethodLateBound 5044

The Deny(), PermitOnly(), and Assert() security methods cannot be called using late binding.

CannotChangeVisibility CannotChangeVisibility CannotChangeVisibility CannotChangeVisibility 1171

Cannot change visibility specification of a base method.

CannotInstantiateAbstractClass CannotInstantiateAbstractClass CannotInstantiateAbstractClass CannotInstantiateAbstractClass 1214

It is not possible to construct an instance of an abstract class.

CannotNestPositionDirective CannotNestPositionDirective CannotNestPositionDirective CannotNestPositionDirective 1119

Position directive must be ended before a new one can be started.

CannotReturnValueFromVoidFunction CannotReturnValueFromVoidFunction CannotReturnValueFromVoidFunction CannotReturnValueFromVoidFunction 1182

Cannot return a value from a void function or constructor.

CannotUseNameOfClass CannotUseNameOfClass CannotUseNameOfClass CannotUseNameOfClass 1124

Only a constructor function can have the same name as the class it appears in.

CannotUseStaticSecurityAttribute CannotUseStaticSecurityAttribute CannotUseStaticSecurityAttribute CannotUseStaticSecurityAttribute 5045

JScript does not support static security attributes.

CantAssignThis CantAssignThis CantAssignThis CantAssignThis 5000

Cannot assign to this.

CantCreateObject CantCreateObject CantCreateObject CantCreateObject 429

Cannot create object.

CcInvalidElif CcInvalidElif CcInvalidElif CcInvalidElif 1106

Unmatched @elif; no @if defined.

CcInvalidElse CcInvalidElse CcInvalidElse CcInvalidElse 1105

Unmatched @else; no @if defined.

CcInvalidEnd CcInvalidEnd CcInvalidEnd CcInvalidEnd 1104

Unmatched @end; no @if defined.

CcInvalidInDebugger CcInvalidInDebugger CcInvalidInDebugger CcInvalidInDebugger 1256

Conditional compilation directives and variables cannot be used in the debugger.

CcOff CcOff CcOff CcOff 1030

Conditional compilation is turned off.

CircularDefinition CircularDefinition CircularDefinition CircularDefinition 1120

Circular definition.

ClashWithProperty ClashWithProperty ClashWithProperty ClashWithProperty 1177

The name of the field conflicts with the name of the property.

ClassNotAllowed ClassNotAllowed ClassNotAllowed ClassNotAllowed 1109

Class definition not allowed in this context.

ConstructorMayNotHaveReturnType ConstructorMayNotHaveReturnType ConstructorMayNotHaveReturnType ConstructorMayNotHaveReturnType 1233

A constructor cannot have a return type.

CustomAttributeUsedMoreThanOnce CustomAttributeUsedMoreThanOnce CustomAttributeUsedMoreThanOnce CustomAttributeUsedMoreThanOnce 1236

This type of attribute must be unique.

DateExpected DateExpected DateExpected DateExpected 5006

Date object expected.

DelegatesShouldNotBeExplicitlyConstructed DelegatesShouldNotBeExplicitlyConstructed DelegatesShouldNotBeExplicitlyConstructed DelegatesShouldNotBeExplicitlyConstructed 1258

Delegates should not be explicitly constructed; simply use the method name.

Deprecated Deprecated Deprecated Deprecated 1121

The specified type is deprecated.

DifferentReturnTypeFromBase DifferentReturnTypeFromBase DifferentReturnTypeFromBase DifferentReturnTypeFromBase 1176

Method in base has a different return type.

DoesNotHaveAnAddress DoesNotHaveAnAddress DoesNotHaveAnAddress DoesNotHaveAnAddress 1203

Expression does not have an address.

DupDefault DupDefault DupDefault DupDefault 1027

default can appear only once in a switch statement.

DuplicateMethod DuplicateMethod DuplicateMethod DuplicateMethod 1251

This method has the same name, parameter types, and return type as another method in this class.

DuplicateName DuplicateName DuplicateName DuplicateName 1111

Identifier already in use.

DuplicateNamedParameter DuplicateNamedParameter DuplicateNamedParameter DuplicateNamedParameter 5036

Duplicate named parameter.

DupVisibility DupVisibility DupVisibility DupVisibility 1101

Visibility modifier already defined.

EnumeratorExpected EnumeratorExpected EnumeratorExpected EnumeratorExpected 5015

Enumerator object expected.

EnumNotAllowed EnumNotAllowed EnumNotAllowed EnumNotAllowed 1230

enum definition not allowed in this context.

ErrEOF ErrEOF ErrEOF ErrEOF 1107

Expecting more source characters.

ExceptionFromHResult ExceptionFromHResult ExceptionFromHResult ExceptionFromHResult 6011

Exception from HRESULT.

ExecutablesCannotBeLocalized ExecutablesCannotBeLocalized ExecutablesCannotBeLocalized ExecutablesCannotBeLocalized 1254

Executables cannot be localized; Culture should always be empty.

ExpandoClassShouldNotImpleEnumerable ExpandoClassShouldNotImpleEnumerable ExpandoClassShouldNotImpleEnumerable ExpandoClassShouldNotImpleEnumerable 1162

Expando classes should not implement IEnumerable. The interface is implicitly defined on Expando classes.

ExpandoMustBePublic ExpandoMustBePublic ExpandoMustBePublic ExpandoMustBePublic 1257

Expando methods must be public.

ExpandoPrecludesAbstract ExpandoPrecludesAbstract ExpandoPrecludesAbstract ExpandoPrecludesAbstract 1222

Expando methods cannot be abstract.

ExpandoPrecludesOverride ExpandoPrecludesOverride ExpandoPrecludesOverride ExpandoPrecludesOverride 1220

Expando methods cannot override base class methods.

ExpandoPrecludesStatic ExpandoPrecludesStatic ExpandoPrecludesStatic ExpandoPrecludesStatic 1250

Expando methods cannot be static.

ExpectedAssembly ExpectedAssembly ExpectedAssembly ExpectedAssembly 1248

Expected assembly.

ExpressionExpected ExpressionExpected ExpressionExpected ExpressionExpected 1195

Expected expression.

FileNotFound FileNotFound FileNotFound FileNotFound 53

File not found.

FinalPrecludesAbstract FinalPrecludesAbstract FinalPrecludesAbstract FinalPrecludesAbstract 1209

final and abstract cannot be used together.

FractionOutOfRange FractionOutOfRange FractionOutOfRange FractionOutOfRange 5026

The number of fractional digits is out of range.

FuncEvalAborted FuncEvalAborted FuncEvalAborted FuncEvalAborted 6000

Function evaluation was aborted.

FuncEvalBadLocation FuncEvalBadLocation FuncEvalBadLocation FuncEvalBadLocation 6007

Function evaluation cannot be done when stopped at this point in the program.

FuncEvalBadThreadNotStarted FuncEvalBadThreadNotStarted FuncEvalBadThreadNotStarted FuncEvalBadThreadNotStarted 6005

Function evaluation failed and the thread has not started.

FuncEvalBadThreadState FuncEvalBadThreadState FuncEvalBadThreadState FuncEvalBadThreadState 6004

Function evaluation failed. The thread can contain incorrect data.

FuncEvalThreadSleepWaitJoin FuncEvalThreadSleepWaitJoin FuncEvalThreadSleepWaitJoin FuncEvalThreadSleepWaitJoin 6003

Function evaluation failed. The thread is sleeping, waiting for an object, or waiting for another thread to finish.

FuncEvalThreadSuspended FuncEvalThreadSuspended FuncEvalThreadSuspended FuncEvalThreadSuspended 6002

Function evaluation failed. The thread is suspended.

FuncEvalTimedout FuncEvalTimedout FuncEvalTimedout FuncEvalTimedout 6001

Function evaluation timed out.

FuncEvalWebMethod FuncEvalWebMethod FuncEvalWebMethod FuncEvalWebMethod 6008

Cannot call a Web method in the debugger.

FunctionExpected FunctionExpected FunctionExpected FunctionExpected 5002

A function was expected.

GetAndSetAreInconsistent GetAndSetAreInconsistent GetAndSetAreInconsistent GetAndSetAreInconsistent 1142

The get and set methods of this property do not match each other.

HidesAbstractInBase HidesAbstractInBase HidesAbstractInBase HidesAbstractInBase 1172

Method hides abstract in a base class.

HidesParentMember HidesParentMember HidesParentMember HidesParentMember 1170

base class already contains a member by this name.

IllegalAssignment IllegalAssignment IllegalAssignment IllegalAssignment 5008

Invalid assignment.

IllegalChar IllegalChar IllegalChar IllegalChar 1014

Invalid character.

IllegalEval IllegalEval IllegalEval IllegalEval 5033

An Eval cannot be called by an alias.

IllegalParamArrayAttribute IllegalParamArrayAttribute IllegalParamArrayAttribute IllegalParamArrayAttribute 1221

A variable argument list must be of an array type.

IllegalUseOfSuper IllegalUseOfSuper IllegalUseOfSuper IllegalUseOfSuper 1189

It is not valid to use the base class in this way.

IllegalUseOfThis IllegalUseOfThis IllegalUseOfThis IllegalUseOfThis 1122

It is not valid to use this in the current context.

IllegalVisibility IllegalVisibility IllegalVisibility IllegalVisibility 1102

Invalid visibility modifier.

ImplicitlyReferencedAssemblyNotFound ImplicitlyReferencedAssemblyNotFound ImplicitlyReferencedAssemblyNotFound ImplicitlyReferencedAssemblyNotFound 1259

A referenced assembly depends on another assembly that is not referenced or could not be found.

ImpossibleConversion ImpossibleConversion ImpossibleConversion ImpossibleConversion 1208

The specified conversion or coercion is not possible.

IncompatibleAssemblyReference IncompatibleAssemblyReference IncompatibleAssemblyReference IncompatibleAssemblyReference 1267

The assembly referenced is incompatible.

IncompatibleVisibility IncompatibleVisibility IncompatibleVisibility IncompatibleVisibility 1108

Incompatible visibility modifier.

IncorrectNumberOfIndices IncorrectNumberOfIndices IncorrectNumberOfIndices IncorrectNumberOfIndices 5042

The number of indices does not match the dimension of the array.

InstanceNotAccessibleFromStatic InstanceNotAccessibleFromStatic InstanceNotAccessibleFromStatic InstanceNotAccessibleFromStatic 1243

A non-static member is not accessible from a static scope.

InterfaceIllegalInInterface InterfaceIllegalInInterface InterfaceIllegalInInterface InterfaceIllegalInInterface 1227

Interfaces cannot be declared in an interface.

InternalError InternalError InternalError InternalError 51

An internal error has been thrown.

InvalidAssemblyKeyFile InvalidAssemblyKeyFile InvalidAssemblyKeyFile InvalidAssemblyKeyFile 1268

An invalid assembly key file has been used.

InvalidBaseTypeForEnum InvalidBaseTypeForEnum InvalidBaseTypeForEnum InvalidBaseTypeForEnum 1213

enum base type must be a primitive integral type.

InvalidCall InvalidCall InvalidCall InvalidCall 5

Invalid procedure call or argument.

InvalidCustomAttribute InvalidCustomAttribute InvalidCustomAttribute InvalidCustomAttribute 1143

A custom attribute class must derive from Attribute.

InvalidCustomAttributeArgument InvalidCustomAttributeArgument InvalidCustomAttributeArgument InvalidCustomAttributeArgument 1144

Only primitive types are allowed in a custom attribute constructor arguments list.

InvalidCustomAttributeClassOrCtor InvalidCustomAttributeClassOrCtor InvalidCustomAttributeClassOrCtor InvalidCustomAttributeClassOrCtor 1146

Unknown custom attribute class or constructor.

InvalidCustomAttributeTarget InvalidCustomAttributeTarget InvalidCustomAttributeTarget InvalidCustomAttributeTarget 1231

This attribute is not valid for this type of declaration.

InvalidDebugDirective InvalidDebugDirective InvalidDebugDirective InvalidDebugDirective 1235

Invalid debug directive.

InvalidElse InvalidElse InvalidElse InvalidElse 1034

Unmatched else; no if defined.

InvalidImport InvalidImport InvalidImport InvalidImport 1229

The import statement is not valid in this context.

InvalidLanguageOption InvalidLanguageOption InvalidLanguageOption InvalidLanguageOption 1179

Must specify either "fast" or "versionSafe" language option.

InvalidPositionDirective InvalidPositionDirective InvalidPositionDirective InvalidPositionDirective 1114

An unknown position directive was discovered.

InvalidPrototype InvalidPrototype InvalidPrototype InvalidPrototype 5023

This function does not have a valid prototype object.

InvalidResource InvalidResource InvalidResource InvalidResource 1262

This is not a valid .resources file.

ItemNotAllowedOnExpandoClass ItemNotAllowedOnExpandoClass ItemNotAllowedOnExpandoClass ItemNotAllowedOnExpandoClass 1152

Cannot define the property Item on an Expando class. This Item is reserved for the Expando fields.

KeywordUsedAsIdentifier KeywordUsedAsIdentifier KeywordUsedAsIdentifier KeywordUsedAsIdentifier 1137

You cannot use a reserved word as an identifier.

MemberInitializerCannotContainFuncExpr MemberInitializerCannotContainFuncExpr MemberInitializerCannotContainFuncExpr MemberInitializerCannotContainFuncExpr 1270

A member initializer cannot contain a function expression.

MemberTypeCLSCompliantMismatch MemberTypeCLSCompliantMismatch MemberTypeCLSCompliantMismatch MemberTypeCLSCompliantMismatch 1265

Class member cannot be marked Common Language Specification (CLS) compliant because the class is not marked CLS compliant.

MethodClashOnExpandoSuperClass MethodClashOnExpandoSuperClass MethodClashOnExpandoSuperClass MethodClashOnExpandoSuperClass 1155

Cannot create the Expando class because a property named Item is already defined in the class hierarchy.

MethodInBaseIsNotVirtual MethodInBaseIsNotVirtual MethodInBaseIsNotVirtual MethodInBaseIsNotVirtual 1174

A method in a base class that is final or not virtualoverride is ignored. Specify hide.

MethodNotAllowedOnExpandoClass MethodNotAllowedOnExpandoClass MethodNotAllowedOnExpandoClass MethodNotAllowedOnExpandoClass 1153

Cannot define a property named Item on an Expando class.

MissingConstructForAttributes MissingConstructForAttributes MissingConstructForAttributes MissingConstructForAttributes 1160

The list of attributes does not apply to the current context.

MissingNameParameter MissingNameParameter MissingNameParameter MissingNameParameter 5037

The specified named parameter name is not one of the formal parameters.

MoreNamedParametersThanArguments MoreNamedParametersThanArguments MoreNamedParametersThanArguments MoreNamedParametersThanArguments 5038

Too few arguments specified. The number of named parameter names cannot exceed the number of arguments passed in.

MustBeEOL MustBeEOL MustBeEOL MustBeEOL 1115

Directive cannot be followed by other code on the same line.

MustImplementMethod MustImplementMethod MustImplementMethod MustImplementMethod 1128

The class must provide an implementation of the method.

MustProvideNameForNamedParameter MustProvideNameForNamedParameter MustProvideNameForNamedParameter MustProvideNameForNamedParameter 5035

Cannot provide null or empty named parameter name.

NeedArrayObject NeedArrayObject NeedArrayObject NeedArrayObject 5031

A "|" is not an array object. Array object expected.

NeedCompileTimeConstant NeedCompileTimeConstant NeedCompileTimeConstant NeedCompileTimeConstant 1110

An expression must be a compile-time constant.

NeedInstance NeedInstance NeedInstance NeedInstance 1210

An instance is expected.

NeedInterface NeedInterface NeedInterface NeedInterface 1129

An interface name is expected.

NeedObject NeedObject NeedObject NeedObject 424

An object is required.

NeedType NeedType NeedType NeedType 1112

A type name is expected.

NestedInstanceTypeCannotBeExtendedByStatic NestedInstanceTypeCannotBeExtendedByStatic NestedInstanceTypeCannotBeExtendedByStatic NestedInstanceTypeCannotBeExtendedByStatic 1237

A non-static nested type can be extended only by a non-static type nested in the same class.

NewNotSpecifiedInMethodDeclaration NewNotSpecifiedInMethodDeclaration NewNotSpecifiedInMethodDeclaration NewNotSpecifiedInMethodDeclaration 1173

A method matches a method in a base class. Must specify override or hide.

NoAt NoAt NoAt NoAt 1032

Expected @.

NoCatch NoCatch NoCatch NoCatch 1033

Expected catch.

NoCcEnd NoCcEnd NoCcEnd NoCcEnd 1029

Expected @end.

NoColon NoColon NoColon NoColon 1003

Expected ":".

NoComma NoComma NoComma NoComma 1100

Expected ",".

NoCommaOrTypeDefinitionError NoCommaOrTypeDefinitionError NoCommaOrTypeDefinitionError NoCommaOrTypeDefinitionError 1191

Expected "," or invalid type declaration; write "<Identifier> : <Type>" not "<Type> <Identifier>".

NoCommentEnd NoCommentEnd NoCommentEnd NoCommentEnd 1016

Comment not terminated.

NoConstructor NoConstructor NoConstructor NoConstructor 5032

No such constructor.

NoEqual NoEqual NoEqual NoEqual 1011

Expected "=".

NoError NoError NoError NoError 0

No error. This is the default (0) value for the enumeration.

NoFuncEvalAllowed NoFuncEvalAllowed NoFuncEvalAllowed NoFuncEvalAllowed 6006

Function evaluation aborted. To turn on property evaluation, click Options on the Tools menu and then select the Debugging in the tree view.

NoIdentifier NoIdentifier NoIdentifier NoIdentifier 1010

Expected identifier.

NoLabel NoLabel NoLabel NoLabel 1026

Label not found.

NoLeftCurly NoLeftCurly NoLeftCurly NoLeftCurly 1008

Expected "{".

NoLeftParen NoLeftParen NoLeftParen NoLeftParen 1005

Expected "(".

NoMemberIdentifier NoMemberIdentifier NoMemberIdentifier NoMemberIdentifier 1028

Expected identifier or string.

NoMethodInBaseToNew NoMethodInBaseToNew NoMethodInBaseToNew NoMethodInBaseToNew 1175

There is no member in a base class to hide.

NoMethodInBaseToOverride NoMethodInBaseToOverride NoMethodInBaseToOverride NoMethodInBaseToOverride 1180

There is no member in a base class to override.

NonCLSCompliantMember NonCLSCompliantMember NonCLSCompliantMember NonCLSCompliantMember 1163

The specified member is not CLS compliant.

NonCLSCompliantType NonCLSCompliantType NonCLSCompliantType NonCLSCompliantType 1264

The specified type is not CLS compliant.

NonClsException NonClsException NonClsException NonClsException 5046

A target threw a non-CLS exception.

NonStaticWithTypeName NonStaticWithTypeName NonStaticWithTypeName NonStaticWithTypeName 1245

A non-static member cannot be accessed with the class name.

NonSupportedInDebugger NonSupportedInDebugger NonSupportedInDebugger NonSupportedInDebugger 5039

The expression cannot be evaluated in the debugger.

NoRightBracket NoRightBracket NoRightBracket NoRightBracket 1007

Expected "]".

NoRightBracketOrComma NoRightBracketOrComma NoRightBracketOrComma NoRightBracketOrComma 1194

Expected "," or "]".

NoRightCurly NoRightCurly NoRightCurly NoRightCurly 1009

Expected "}".

NoRightParen NoRightParen NoRightParen NoRightParen 1006

Expected ")".

NoRightParenOrComma NoRightParenOrComma NoRightParenOrComma NoRightParenOrComma 1193

Expected "," or ")".

NoSemicolon NoSemicolon NoSemicolon NoSemicolon 1004

Expected ";".

NoSuchMember NoSuchMember NoSuchMember NoSuchMember 1151

Objects of this type do not have such a member.

NoSuchStaticMember NoSuchStaticMember NoSuchStaticMember NoSuchStaticMember 1246

Type does not have such a static member.

NoSuchType NoSuchType NoSuchType NoSuchType 1241

Type could not be found. An assembly reference might be missing.

NotAccessible NotAccessible NotAccessible NotAccessible 1123

The object or member is not accessible from this scope.

NotAllowedInSuperConstructorCall NotAllowedInSuperConstructorCall NotAllowedInSuperConstructorCall NotAllowedInSuperConstructorCall 1140

Object or member is not allowed in a call to the base class constructor.

NotAnExpandoFunction NotAnExpandoFunction NotAnExpandoFunction NotAnExpandoFunction 1252

Class members used as constructors should be marked as Expando functions.

NotCollection NotCollection NotCollection NotCollection 451

This object is not a collection.

NotConst NotConst NotConst NotConst 1031

Expected constant.

NotDeletable NotDeletable NotDeletable NotDeletable 1164

The object or member cannot be deleted.

NotIndexable NotIndexable NotIndexable NotIndexable 1158

Objects of this type are not indexable.

NotInsideClass NotInsideClass NotInsideClass NotInsideClass 1113

Valid only inside a class definition.

NotMeantToBeCalledDirectly NotMeantToBeCalledDirectly NotMeantToBeCalledDirectly NotMeantToBeCalledDirectly 1141

You cannot call this method directly. If possible, use property accessors instead.

NotOKToCallSuper NotOKToCallSuper NotOKToCallSuper NotOKToCallSuper 1188

It is not valid to call a base class constructor from this location.

NotValidForConstructor NotValidForConstructor NotValidForConstructor NotValidForConstructor 1181

Not valid for a constructor.

NotValidVersionString NotValidVersionString NotValidVersionString NotValidVersionString 1253

Not a valid version string.

NotYetImplemented NotYetImplemented NotYetImplemented NotYetImplemented 5034

Not yet implemented.

NoVarInEnum NoVarInEnum NoVarInEnum NoVarInEnum 1228

enum member declarations should not use the var keyword.

NoWhile NoWhile NoWhile NoWhile 1024

Expected while.

NumberExpected NumberExpected NumberExpected NumberExpected 5001

Expected a number.

ObjectExpected ObjectExpected ObjectExpected ObjectExpected 5007

Expected an object.

OctalLiteralsAreDeprecated OctalLiteralsAreDeprecated OctalLiteralsAreDeprecated OctalLiteralsAreDeprecated 1186

Octal literals are deprecated.

OLENoPropOrMethod OLENoPropOrMethod OLENoPropOrMethod OLENoPropOrMethod 438

Object does not support this property or method.

OnlyClassesAllowed OnlyClassesAllowed OnlyClassesAllowed OnlyClassesAllowed 1161

Only classes are allowed inside a package.

OnlyClassesAndPackagesAllowed OnlyClassesAndPackagesAllowed OnlyClassesAndPackagesAllowed OnlyClassesAndPackagesAllowed 1234

Only classes and packages are allowed inside a library.

OutOfMemory OutOfMemory OutOfMemory OutOfMemory 7

Out of memory.

OutOfStack OutOfStack OutOfStack OutOfStack 28

Out of stack space.

OverrideAndHideUsedTogether OverrideAndHideUsedTogether OverrideAndHideUsedTogether OverrideAndHideUsedTogether 1178

Cannot use override and hide together in a member declaration.

PackageExpected PackageExpected PackageExpected PackageExpected 1165

Package name expected.

PackageInWrongContext PackageInWrongContext PackageInWrongContext PackageInWrongContext 1232

Package definition is not allowed in this context.

ParamListNotLast ParamListNotLast ParamListNotLast ParamListNotLast 1240

A variable argument list must be the last argument.

PossibleBadConversion PossibleBadConversion PossibleBadConversion PossibleBadConversion 1260

This conversion may fail at runtime.

PossibleBadConversionFromString PossibleBadConversionFromString PossibleBadConversionFromString PossibleBadConversionFromString 1261

Converting a string to a number or Boolean is slow and may fail at run time.

PrecisionOutOfRange PrecisionOutOfRange PrecisionOutOfRange PrecisionOutOfRange 5027

The precision is out of range.

PropertyLevelAttributesMustBeOnGetter PropertyLevelAttributesMustBeOnGetter PropertyLevelAttributesMustBeOnGetter PropertyLevelAttributesMustBeOnGetter 1238

An attribute that targets the property must be specified on the get accessor, if the get accessor is present.

RefParamsNonSupportedInDebugger RefParamsNonSupportedInDebugger RefParamsNonSupportedInDebugger RefParamsNonSupportedInDebugger 5043

Methods with ref parameters cannot be called in the debugger.

RegExpExpected RegExpExpected RegExpExpected RegExpExpected 5016

RegExpObject object expected.

RegExpSyntax RegExpSyntax RegExpSyntax RegExpSyntax 5017

Syntax error in regular expression.

ShouldBeAbstract ShouldBeAbstract ShouldBeAbstract ShouldBeAbstract 1223

A function without a body should be abstract.

SideEffectsDisallowed SideEffectsDisallowed SideEffectsDisallowed SideEffectsDisallowed 6012

The expression causes side effects and will not be evaluated.

StaticIsAlreadyFinal StaticIsAlreadyFinal StaticIsAlreadyFinal StaticIsAlreadyFinal 1217

Static methods cannot be final.

StaticMethodsCannotHide StaticMethodsCannotHide StaticMethodsCannotHide StaticMethodsCannotHide 1219

Static methods cannot hide base class methods.

StaticMethodsCannotOverride StaticMethodsCannotOverride StaticMethodsCannotOverride StaticMethodsCannotOverride 1218

Static methods cannot override base class methods.

StaticMissingInStaticInit StaticMissingInStaticInit StaticMissingInStaticInit StaticMissingInStaticInit 1159

Static initializer must specify the static keyword.

StaticRequiresTypeName StaticRequiresTypeName StaticRequiresTypeName StaticRequiresTypeName 1244

A static member must be accessed by the class name.

StaticVarNotAvailable StaticVarNotAvailable StaticVarNotAvailable StaticVarNotAvailable 6009

A static variable is not available.

StringConcatIsSlow StringConcatIsSlow StringConcatIsSlow StringConcatIsSlow 1255

The plus operator is a slow way to concatenate strings. Consider using StringBuilder instead.

StringExpected StringExpected StringExpected StringExpected 5005

String expected.

SuperClassConstructorNotAccessible SuperClassConstructorNotAccessible SuperClassConstructorNotAccessible SuperClassConstructorNotAccessible 1185

Base class constructor is not accessible from this scope.

SuspectAssignment SuspectAssignment SuspectAssignment SuspectAssignment 1206

If condition cannot contain an assignment.

SuspectLoopCondition SuspectLoopCondition SuspectLoopCondition SuspectLoopCondition 1247

Loop condition cannot contain a function call.

SuspectSemicolon SuspectSemicolon SuspectSemicolon SuspectSemicolon 1207

Empty statement found in if statement.

SyntaxError SyntaxError SyntaxError SyntaxError 1002

Discovered syntax error.

TooFewParameters TooFewParameters TooFewParameters TooFewParameters 1204

Not all required parameters have been supplied.

TooManyParameters TooManyParameters TooManyParameters TooManyParameters 1148

There are too many actual parameters. The excess parameters will be ignored.

TooManyTokensSkipped TooManyTokensSkipped TooManyTokensSkipped TooManyTokensSkipped 1197

Too many errors. The file might not be a JScript file.

TypeAssemblyCLSCompliantMismatch TypeAssemblyCLSCompliantMismatch TypeAssemblyCLSCompliantMismatch TypeAssemblyCLSCompliantMismatch 1266

Type cannot be marked CLS compliant because the assembly is not marked as CLS compliant.

TypeCannotBeExtended TypeCannotBeExtended TypeCannotBeExtended TypeCannotBeExtended 1134

Type cannot be extended.

TypeMismatch TypeMismatch TypeMismatch TypeMismatch 13

Type mismatch.

TypeNameTooLong TypeNameTooLong TypeNameTooLong TypeNameTooLong 1269

The fully qualified type name is too long. It must be less than 1,024 characters.

TypeObjectNotAvailable TypeObjectNotAvailable TypeObjectNotAvailable TypeObjectNotAvailable 6010

The type object for this type is not available.

UncaughtException UncaughtException UncaughtException UncaughtException 5022

Exception thrown and not caught.

UndeclaredVariable UndeclaredVariable UndeclaredVariable UndeclaredVariable 1135

Variable has not been declared.

UndefinedIdentifier UndefinedIdentifier UndefinedIdentifier UndefinedIdentifier 5009

Undefined identifier.

UnexpectedSemicolon UnexpectedSemicolon UnexpectedSemicolon UnexpectedSemicolon 1196

Unexpected ";".

UnreachableCatch UnreachableCatch UnreachableCatch UnreachableCatch 1133

Catch clause will never be reached.

UnterminatedString UnterminatedString UnterminatedString UnterminatedString 1015

String constant not terminated.

URIDecodeError URIDecodeError URIDecodeError URIDecodeError 5025

The URI to be decoded is not a valid encoding.

URIEncodeError URIEncodeError URIEncodeError URIEncodeError 5024

The URI to be encoded contains an invalid character.

UselessAssignment UselessAssignment UselessAssignment UselessAssignment 1205

An assignment creates an Expando property that is immediately thrown away.

UselessExpression UselessExpression UselessExpression UselessExpression 1169

Expression has no effect.

VariableLeftUninitialized VariableLeftUninitialized VariableLeftUninitialized VariableLeftUninitialized 1136

Uninitialized variables are dangerous and slow to use. Did you intend to leave it uninitialized?

VariableMightBeUnitialized VariableMightBeUnitialized VariableMightBeUnitialized VariableMightBeUnitialized 1187

Variable might not be initialized.

VarIllegalInInterface VarIllegalInInterface VarIllegalInInterface VarIllegalInInterface 1226

Variables cannot be declared in an interface.

VBArrayExpected VBArrayExpected VBArrayExpected VBArrayExpected 5013

A VBArray is expected.

WriteOnlyProperty WriteOnlyProperty WriteOnlyProperty WriteOnlyProperty 5041

The property is write-only.

WrongDirective WrongDirective WrongDirective WrongDirective 1118

Wrong debugger directive or wrong position for the directive.

WrongUseOfAddressOf WrongUseOfAddressOf WrongUseOfAddressOf WrongUseOfAddressOf 1263

The address of operator can be used only in a list of arguments.

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