BookmarkOptions Enum


Specifies the options for a Bookmark.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class BookmarkOptions
public enum BookmarkOptions
type BookmarkOptions = 
Public Enum BookmarkOptions


MultipleResume 1

A Bookmark that can be resumed multiple times.

NonBlocking 2

A Bookmark that does not block the workflow.

None 0

Default Bookmark options,


By default, the workflow runtime removes a pending bookmark from its bookmarks table when resuming the bookmark. However if the bookmark is specified as MultipleResume, the bookmark is not removed from the table, and the same bookmark can be resumed multiple times. An example usage of MultipleResume is by looping activities such as System.Activities.Statements.While, System.Activities.Statements.ForEach<T>, and System.Activities.Statements.Flowchart.

By default, the workflow runtime does not consider an activity to have completed execution if it has pending bookmarks. However, if a bookmark is specified as NonBlocking at creation time, the workflow runtime allows the activity to complete execution even if it has pending NonBlocking bookmarks, provided it has no other pending work.

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