AppDomain.DomainManager Property


Gets the domain manager that was provided by the host when the application domain was initialized.

 property AppDomainManager ^ DomainManager { AppDomainManager ^ get(); };
public AppDomainManager DomainManager { get; }
[get: System.Security.SecurityCritical]
public AppDomainManager DomainManager { get; }
member this.DomainManager : AppDomainManager
Public ReadOnly Property DomainManager As AppDomainManager

Property Value


An object that represents the domain manager provided by the host when the application domain was initialized, or null if no domain manager was provided.



An unmanaged host of the common language runtime (CLR) can provide a domain manager. The domain manager can participate in initializing the new application domain and supply other managers, such as a HostSecurityManager, that participate in the operations of the application domain.

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