OracleLob.WriteByte(Byte) Method


Writes a byte to the current position in the OracleLob stream, and advances the position within the stream by one byte.

 override void WriteByte(System::Byte value);
public override void WriteByte (byte value);
override this.WriteByte : byte -> unit
Public Overrides Sub WriteByte (value As Byte)



The byte to write to the stream.


If the write operation is successful, the position within the stream advances by one byte. If an exception occurs, the position within the stream remains unchanged.

Writing beyond the end of the LOB is allowed and enlarges the LOB by one byte.

To write to the LOB, you must have retrieved the LOB using the FOR UPDATE clause in the SQL SELECT statement, and you must have a local transaction started.


A write operation to a read-only LOB might succeed, but does not update the LOB on the server. In this case, however, the local copy of the LOB is updated. Therefore, later read operations on the OracleLob object might return the results of the write operation.

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