PackageDigitalSignatureManager.CertificateOption Property


Gets or sets the X.509 certificate embedding option used by the Sign(IEnumerable<Uri>) method to digitally sign package parts.

 property System::IO::Packaging::CertificateEmbeddingOption CertificateOption { System::IO::Packaging::CertificateEmbeddingOption get(); void set(System::IO::Packaging::CertificateEmbeddingOption value); };
public System.IO.Packaging.CertificateEmbeddingOption CertificateOption { get; set; }
member this.CertificateOption : System.IO.Packaging.CertificateEmbeddingOption with get, set
Public Property CertificateOption As CertificateEmbeddingOption

Property Value


The following example shows how to set this property in preparation to digitally sign the parts within a package. For the complete sample, see Creating a Package with a Digital Signature Sample.


This property specifies where the signer's X.509 certificate will be stored when digitally signing a part.

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