PeerPresenceInfo PeerPresenceInfo PeerPresenceInfo PeerPresenceInfo Class


Represents the presence information of a peer.

public ref class PeerPresenceInfo
public class PeerPresenceInfo
type PeerPresenceInfo = class
Public Class PeerPresenceInfo


The presence of a peer specifies a certain level of participation in a peer collaboration network, such as whether or not the peer has logged into or out of the peer collaboration network, or has set presence status to "Away".


PeerPresenceInfo() PeerPresenceInfo() PeerPresenceInfo() PeerPresenceInfo()

Initializes a new default instance of a PeerPresenceInfo object.

PeerPresenceInfo(PeerPresenceStatus, String) PeerPresenceInfo(PeerPresenceStatus, String) PeerPresenceInfo(PeerPresenceStatus, String) PeerPresenceInfo(PeerPresenceStatus, String)

Initializes an instance of a PeerPresenceInfo object that includes a Unicode string describing the presence status the local peer.


DescriptiveText DescriptiveText DescriptiveText DescriptiveText

Gets or sets a Unicode string further describing the presence status for the local peer.

PresenceStatus PresenceStatus PresenceStatus PresenceStatus

Gets or sets the presence status of the local peer.


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