PrintQueueAttributes Enum


Specifies the attributes of a print queue and its printer.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class PrintQueueAttributes
public enum PrintQueueAttributes
type PrintQueueAttributes = 
Public Enum PrintQueueAttributes


Direct 2

The print queue sends print jobs immediately to the printer instead of spooling jobs first.

EnableBidi 2048

The printer's bidirectional communication is enabled.

EnableDevQuery 128

The queue holds its jobs when the document and printer configurations do not match.

Hidden 32

The print queue is not visible in the application UI.

KeepPrintedJobs 256

The printer language file is not deleted after the file prints.

None 0

No print queue attribute is specified.

Published 8192

The print queue is visible to other network users.

Queued 1

The print queue can hold more than one print job at a time.

RawOnly 4096

The print queue cannot use enhanced metafile (EMF) printing.

ScheduleCompletedJobsFirst 512

The queue prints a fully spooled job before it prints higher priority jobs that are still spooling.

Shared 8

The print queue is shared.

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