Defines a function description.

public value class FUNCDESC
public struct FUNCDESC
type FUNCDESC = struct
Public Structure FUNCDESC


For additional information about FUNCDESC, see the MSDN Library.

The common language runtime throws an exception when a COM method in native code returns an HRESULT. For more information, see How to: Map HRESULTs and Exceptions.


callconv callconv callconv callconv

Specifies the calling convention of a function.

cParams cParams cParams cParams

Counts the total number of parameters.

cParamsOpt cParamsOpt cParamsOpt cParamsOpt

Counts the optional parameters.

cScodes cScodes cScodes cScodes

Counts the permitted return values.

elemdescFunc elemdescFunc elemdescFunc elemdescFunc

Contains the return type of the function.

funckind funckind funckind funckind

Specifies whether the function is virtual, static, or dispatch-only.

invkind invkind invkind invkind

Specifies the type of a property function.

lprgelemdescParam lprgelemdescParam lprgelemdescParam lprgelemdescParam

Indicates the size of cParams.

lprgscode lprgscode lprgscode lprgscode

Stores the count of errors a function can return on a 16-bit system.

memid memid memid memid

Identifies the function member ID.

oVft oVft oVft oVft

Specifies the offset in the VTBL for FUNC_VIRTUAL.

wFuncFlags wFuncFlags wFuncFlags wFuncFlags

Indicates the FUNCFLAGS of a function.

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