ActivatorLevel Enum


Defines the appropriate position for a Activator in the chain of activators.

public enum class ActivatorLevel
public enum ActivatorLevel
type ActivatorLevel = 
Public Enum ActivatorLevel


AppDomain 12

Finds or creates a AppDomain.

Construction 4

Constructs a blank object and runs the constructor.

Context 8

Finds or creates a suitable context.

Machine 20

Finds a suitable computer.

Process 16

Starts a process.


The design of activators allows for more than one activator to participate in the activation process, and additional activators can be added to the chain by using IActivator.NextActivator. Because each activator is responsible for calling the next one in the chain, an activator can position itself anywhere in the chain. The ActivatorLevel enumerator helps activators find the appropriate position in the chain.

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