CngKeyBlobFormat.GenericPrivateBlob Property


Gets a CngKeyBlobFormat object that specifies a generic private key BLOB.

 static property System::Security::Cryptography::CngKeyBlobFormat ^ GenericPrivateBlob { System::Security::Cryptography::CngKeyBlobFormat ^ get(); };
public static System.Security.Cryptography.CngKeyBlobFormat GenericPrivateBlob { get; }
member this.GenericPrivateBlob : System.Security.Cryptography.CngKeyBlobFormat
Public Shared ReadOnly Property GenericPrivateBlob As CngKeyBlobFormat

Property Value

An object that specifies a generic private key BLOB.


A generic private key BLOB can contain a private key of any type and does not necessarily contain the corresponding public key. The type of key that the BLOB contains can be determined only by examining the BLOB.

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