X509IncludeOption Enum


Specifies how much of the X.509 certificate chain should be included in the X.509 data.

public enum class X509IncludeOption
public enum X509IncludeOption
type X509IncludeOption = 
Public Enum X509IncludeOption


EndCertOnly 2

Only the end certificate is included in the X.509 chain information.

ExcludeRoot 1

The entire X.509 chain is included except for the root certificate.

None 0

No X.509 chain information is included.

WholeChain 3

The entire X.509 chain is included.


This enumeration specifies how much of the certificate chain to include in X.509 data. You can choose to include the end certificate only; the whole chain; or the whole chain except the root certificate, which is the default.

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