PeerResolverMode Enum


Determines the type of peer resolver being used.

public enum class PeerResolverMode
public enum PeerResolverMode
type PeerResolverMode = 
Public Enum PeerResolverMode


Auto 0

Automatically determines the type of resolver to use from the information set on the binding.

Custom 2

A custom resolver is used.

Pnrp 1

The PNRP resolver is used.


If the specified peer resolver is unavailable, an InvalidOperationException will be thrown when an attempt to use the resolver is made.

If Auto is specified, a custom resolver is used, if one is available. If one is unavailable, the PNRP peer resolver is used. A peer resolver is considered "available" if the PeerCustomResolverSettings.Address and PeerCustomResolverSettings.Binding properties are set on it.

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