SecurityTokenInclusionMode SecurityTokenInclusionMode SecurityTokenInclusionMode SecurityTokenInclusionMode Enum


A list of token inclusion requirements for messages.

public enum class SecurityTokenInclusionMode
public enum SecurityTokenInclusionMode
type SecurityTokenInclusionMode = 
Public Enum SecurityTokenInclusionMode


AlwaysToInitiator AlwaysToInitiator AlwaysToInitiator AlwaysToInitiator 3

Token is always included in messages to the initiator and never to the recipient.

AlwaysToRecipient AlwaysToRecipient AlwaysToRecipient AlwaysToRecipient 0

Token is always included in messages to the recipient and never to the initiator.

Never Never Never Never 1

The token is never included in messages but is referenced. The token must be known to the recipient out of band. The option does not work out of the box. You need to include custom credentials for this to work.

Once Once Once Once 2

Token is included once.


Instances of this class are used as parameters in many of the methods of the SecurityTokenParameters class and in its derived classes when creating binding elements and certificates.

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