PowerBroadcastStatus PowerBroadcastStatus PowerBroadcastStatus PowerBroadcastStatus Enum


Indicates the system's power status.

public enum class PowerBroadcastStatus
public enum PowerBroadcastStatus
type PowerBroadcastStatus = 
Public Enum PowerBroadcastStatus


BatteryLow BatteryLow BatteryLow BatteryLow 9

Battery power is low.

OemEvent OemEvent OemEvent OemEvent 11

An Advanced Power Management (APM) BIOS signaled an APM OEM event.

PowerStatusChange PowerStatusChange PowerStatusChange PowerStatusChange 10

A change in the power status of the computer is detected, such as a switch from battery power to A/C. The system also broadcasts this event when remaining battery power slips below the threshold specified by the user or if the battery power changes by a specified percentage.

QuerySuspend QuerySuspend QuerySuspend QuerySuspend 0

The system has requested permission to suspend the computer. An application that grants permission should carry out preparations for the suspension before returning.

QuerySuspendFailed QuerySuspendFailed QuerySuspendFailed QuerySuspendFailed 2

The system was denied permission to suspend the computer. This status is broadcast if any application or driver denied a previous QuerySuspend status.

ResumeAutomatic ResumeAutomatic ResumeAutomatic ResumeAutomatic 18

The computer has woken up automatically to handle an event.

ResumeCritical ResumeCritical ResumeCritical ResumeCritical 6

The system has resumed operation after a critical suspension caused by a failing battery.

ResumeSuspend ResumeSuspend ResumeSuspend ResumeSuspend 7

The system has resumed operation after being suspended.

Suspend Suspend Suspend Suspend 4

The computer is about to enter a suspended state. This event is typically broadcast when all applications and installable drivers have returned true to a previous QuerySuspend state.


PowerBroadcastStatus is used by the ServiceBase class to indicate a change in the system's power status. You can design your application to react to any power status change.

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