LowerMidCodeCharts Enum


Specifies values for the lower-middle region of the UTF-8 Unicode code charts, from U1000 to U1EFF.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class LowerMidCodeCharts
public enum LowerMidCodeCharts
type LowerMidCodeCharts = 
Public Enum LowerMidCodeCharts


Balinese 4194304

The Balinese code chart.

Buginese 1048576

The Buginese code chart

Buhid 2048

The Buhid code chart

Cherokee 32

The Cherokee code chart.

CombiningDiacriticalMarksSupplement 536870912

The Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement code chart.

Ethiopic 8

The Ethiopic code chart.

EthiopicSupplement 16

The Ethiopic Supplement code chart.

Georgian 2

The Georgian code chart.

HangulJamo 4

The Hangul Jamo code chart

Hanunoo 1024

The Hanunoo code chart.

Khmer 8192

The Khmer code chart.

KhmerSymbols 524288

The Khmer Symbols code chart.

LatinExtendedAdditional 1073741824

The Latin Extended Additional code chart.

Lepcha 16777216

The Lepcha code chart.

Limbu 65536

The Limbu code chart.

Mongolian 16384

The Mongolian code chart.

Myanmar 1

The Myanmar code chart.

NewTaiLue 262144

The New Tai Lue code chart.

None 0

None of the UTF-8 Unicode code charts from the lower-middle region are marked as safe.

Ogham 128

The Ogham code chart.

OlChiki 33554432

The Ol Chiki code chart.

PhoneticExtensions 134217728

The Phonetic Extensions code chart.

PhoneticExtensionsSupplement 268435456

The Phonetic Extensions Supplement code chart.

Runic 256

The Runic code chart.

Sudanese 8388608

The Sudanese code chart.

Tagalog 512

The Tagalog code chart.

Tagbanwa 4096

The Tagbanwa code chart.

TaiLe 131072

The Tai Le code chart.

TaiTham 2097152

The Tai Tham code chart.

UnifiedCanadianAboriginalSyllabics 64

The Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics code chart.

UnifiedCanadianAboriginalSyllabicsExtended 32768

The Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Extended code chart.

VedicExtensions 67108864

The Vedic Extensions code chart.

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