MidCodeCharts Enum


Specifies values for the middle region of the UTF-8 Unicode code charts, from U1F00 to U2DDF.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class MidCodeCharts
public enum MidCodeCharts
type MidCodeCharts = 
Public Enum MidCodeCharts


Arrows 128

The Arrows code chart.

BlockElements 16384

The Block Elements code chart.

BoxDrawing 8192

The Box Drawing code chart.

BraillePatterns 1048576

The Braille Patterns code chart.

CombiningDiacriticalMarksForSymbols 16

The Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols code chart.

ControlPictures 1024

The Control Pictures code chart.

Coptic 134217728

The Coptic code chart.

CurrencySymbols 8

The Currency Symbols code chart.

Dingbats 131072

The Dingbats code chart.

EnclosedAlphanumerics 4096

The Enclosed Alphanumerics code chart.

EthiopicExtended 16384

The Ethiopic Extended code chart.

GeneralPunctuation 2

The General Punctuation code chart.

GeometricShapes 32768

The Geometric Shapes code chart.

GeorgianSupplement 268435456

The Georgian Supplement code chart.

Glagolitic 33554432

The Glagolitic code chart.

GreekExtended 1

The Greek Extended code chart.

LatinExtendedC 67108864

The Latin Extended-C code chart.

LetterlikeSymbols 32

The Letterlike Symbols code chart.

MathematicalOperators 256

The Mathematical Operators code chart.

MiscellaneousMathematicalSymbolsA 262144

The Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A code chart.

MiscellaneousMathematicalSymbolsB 4194304

The Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B code chart.

MiscellaneousSymbols 65536

The Miscellaneous Symbols code chart.

MiscellaneousSymbolsAndArrows 16777216

The Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows code chart.

MiscellaneousTechnical 512

The Miscellaneous Technical code chart.

None 0

None of the UTF-8 Unicode code charts from the middle region are marked as safe.

NumberForms 64

The Number Forms code chart.

OpticalCharacterRecognition 2048

The Optical Character Recognition code chart.

SuperscriptsAndSubscripts 4

The Superscripts and Subscripts code chart.

SupplementalArrowsA 524288

The Supplemental Arrows-A code chart.

SupplementalArrowsB 2097152

The Supplemental Arrows-B code chart.

SupplementalMathematicalOperators 8388608

The Supplemental Mathematical Operators code chart.

Tifinagh 536870912

The Tifinagh code chart.

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